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SHOT Hotness: SIG AIR ProForce Airsoft Line



The “ProForce” is for professional, force-on-force training…but even a Special Farces dude like me can enjoy them.

SIG says this is for professional training, but I just want to play with ’em.

One of the things you’ll notice at the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is that there are a lot of operator types in evidence. When I got a look at the new, high-end SIG AIR ProForce airsoft line for professional training, though, I must say that I did notice that many of those operators were looking just a little bit too gleeful. I can’t say as how I blame them: My first reaction when I learned that SIG was offering these two Airsoft pistols for force-on-force training was to wonder whether a Chairborne Ranger like myself would qualify to purchase one. The good news for regular Joes out there is that the answer is “yes.” The bad news for my friends is that they have no idea what’s coming for them the next time we go play Airsoft…

The idea behind this is that force-on-force training can be expensive…and it can be tough to assure safety sometimes. That’s why SIG AIR ProForce products are designed as replicas of their centerfire counterparts in look, balance, and handling characteristics–and engineered to SIG standards for precision, accuracy, and reliability. Initial SIG AIR ProForce airsoft pistol offerings include the M17 airsoft pistol and P229 airsoft pistol.

“The SIG AIR ProForce line of airsoft guns is designed for professionals who train frequently and want the option of training safely in realistic force-on-force scenarios,” said Joseph Huston, Vice President and General Manager of SIG AIR. “SIG SAUER is a huge proponent of training, and we will continue to offer our customers numerous new product options to facilitate the safe practice of gun handling and target shooting in various environments.”

The new SIG AIR ProForce M17 airsoft pistol is similar in look and feel to the U.S. Army issued P320- M17 9mm pistol and features a polymer frame and metal slide with full blow-back action. The proprietary drop magazine holds 21 rounds of 6mm polymer or biodegradable BBs. An adjustable hop-up feature creates spin on the BBs for additional stabilization in flight, resulting in increased distance and accuracy. A picatinny accessory rail allows for quick and easy mounting of a laser or tactical flashlight.

SIG tells us that these airsoft guns will start shipping in April. Keep an eye on their site for more!

Here are the details available to us now:

ProForce M17 Airsoft Pistol:

Total length: 8.5”
Barrel length: 5.5”
Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Finish: Coyote Tan
Muzzle Velocity: up to 330 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1 joule
Caliber: 6mm BB
Magazine Capacity: 21
Power Source: CO2 or Green Gas

Velocity is up to 330 fps with muzzle energy of 1 joule (using a .20-gram polymer BB); however, results may vary depending on temperature and altitude. Available in Black.

ProForce P229 Airsoft Pistol:

Total length: 7”
Barrel length: 4.75”
Weight: 1.85 lbs.
Finish: Black
Muzzle Velocity: up to 330 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1 joule
Caliber: 6mm BB
Magazine Capacity: 25
Power Source: Green Gas



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