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Rob Leatham: My Safariland 5197 CCW/Competition Holster



How can a holster work for concealed carry and competition?

Rob Leatham is one of the winningest pistol shooters out there today. He’s an 8-time IPSC World Champion, an 11-time NRA Bianchi Cup Champion, a 17-time Single Stack National Champion, and a 30-Time USPSA / IPSC National Champion. So it’s no mystery why Team Safariland is proud to sponsor Leatham, but what about Team Safariland attracted him?

In this video, Leatham explains what it is about his Safariland Model 5197 holster that helps him achieve the consistent, confident draws and reholsterings that the most serious and rarified competition shooters demand. Now, most of us aren’t ever going to be in Leatham’s league when it comes to accurate shooting–very few people are–but many of us carry concealed and want the very best CCW rig that meets our needs for retention and consistency. That’s where the Safariland Model 5197 Open Top Competition Holster with USPSA Kit comes into its own. At an MSRP of $128 this is a high-end product, but if you’re looking for a smooth, safe, consistent draw that keeps your firearm snug when not in use, this is the time and place to shell out the money for the quality you need.

Want to learn more about why Leatham chooses the Safariland Model 5197? Check out this video!