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SHOT Hotness: Browning Trail Force Ammo



Snakes, possums, and raccoons beware…

If you spend much time in the outdoors, you’ll run into something on the hunting trail or around your Back 40 that would probably be best dealt with using birdshot…but who carries a shotgun everywhere they go? If you’re like most Americans, a sidearm on your hip is plenty for day-to-day life…and with Browning’s new Trail Force ammunition, which they announced today at SHOT Show 2019, you can think of that sidearm as a mini-shotgun.

The new Browning Trail Force ammunition in .38 Special is a multiple projectile revolver cartridge that combines #9 lead shot with two copper plated lead discs for a total payload of ¼ ounce. This combination is ideal for needed penetration and close-range lethality on larger pests. And, since the .38-cal. revolver is such a popular handgun, Trail Force ammunition can be worked quite easily into your EDC rig.

You can get an idea for how it works by checking out the picture above. The defensive discs engage the rifling in the barrel to shoot accurately at common defense distances for maximum effectiveness. The #9 shot provides a devastating pattern to provide a blanket of payload coverage, so whether it’s a snake under your shed or a drunk-acting raccoon in your driveway, you’ll have the assurance of birdshot at your fingertips.

For more information, check out Browning Ammunition here!