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SHOT Hotness: Avidity Arms PD10 Pistol



I saw it and you didn’t. Neener neener neener!

As it turns out, the rumors are true…

There have been whispers for a long time that self-defense and gun guru Rob Pincus was designing a pistol, but up until now very few people have been in a position to know for sure. That’s part of why SHOT Show 2019‘s Industry Day at the Range was well worth braving the dust and wind of the Nevada desert–because I can confirm now that it’s true. The pistol in question is called the PD10; it’s a creation of Avidity Arms by Eagle Imports in concert with Pincus; and it really did begin on the back of a napkin three years ago when Pincus first set out to describe his personal vision of pistol perfection.

The PD10 made a surprise appearance at the Winchester Ammunition pistol bay, where the new single-stack, polymer frame, striker-fired DAO pistol wowed those of us lucky enough to have seen Pincus’ brainchild in person. Pincus, who consults for Winchester, reported that these are final prototypes. Although they’re one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2019, Avidity hasn’t committed to a release date.

What we do know is that part of Pincus’ vision is a pistol rich in “aftermarket” features that come standard, but do so at an affordable price. Although it’s not possible to provide a full review of a prototype, I can tell you that the gun shoots beautifully and feels great in the hand. For more information on the PD10, click here!


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