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SHOT Hotness: BRO Ion 9 From Black Rain Ordnance



Hey, BRO…

Hey, BRO, so I’ve been thinking I need a pistol-caliber carbine…

It’s the opening day of 2019’s Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, and I was checking out Media Day at the Range when I heard something calling my name: “Bro…bro…” I spun on my heel to see the above beauty: the BRO Ion 9 from Black Rain Ordnance. We’ll start with the obvious: The 9 in the name is for its caliber, and the BRO is technically an acronym for Black Rain Ordnance. (I also maintain that it’s short for Brosephus, which is actually my given name.)

This particular BROfessor of carbinology is available in two basic formats: a rear-charging version designed for law enforcement, and the above side-charging version designed for Broba Fetts like myself. That one is going to run me around $1,400 unless I can convince the folks at Black Rain that it’s actually already mine because of the name. The rear-charging version is more budget-friendly at $995 MSRP. Both are available for purchase now, Han Brolo! Click here for more.