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WATCH: Steyr AUG Torture Test (Ft. Dry Ice!)



Lots of gun manufacturers talk the talk about having tough, well-designed guns that can stand up to the worst abuse you can throw at them, but not all gun manufacturers are willing to walk the walk…except, obviously, Steyr Arms. That’s because Steyr’s classic bullpup rifle, the AUG, was engineered from the ground up to shrug off the kind of torture that would have your average deer rifle screaming for mercy. For example, ever wondered what happens to an AUG’s function and accuracy after you leave it in subzero dry ice for a while? You can click the above video to find out…and, of course, they’ve got more where that came from on their brand-new Vimeo channel! While you’re outside spending quality time with Dad, you can download your fave Steyr AUG videos…click here to follow them!

Speaking of Dad! Being a father is a reward in and of itself (especially with a wonderful kid like you), but that doesn’t mean that the job doesn’t have some additional perks—say, for example, a delightful Sunday in June when the family gathers to show Dad that you appreciate his hard work all year ‘round. And what better way to salute Dad on his special day than a sweet haul on all his favorite Steyr Arms merchandise? Make his Father’s Day special with Steyr t-shirts, patches, and cool hoodies—some are classics, some are limited-edition collectibles, and all of them are uniquely Dad. From right now through June 21, Steyr is offering up to 10% off select merch, so you can delight Dad for less. Click here to take advantage.

It looks as if the COVID-19 fever is breaking nationwide (knock on wood!), and Steyr Arms tells us that they’re every bit as eager to get back out there as you are! Their 7th Annual Open House is the one time a year that they open their doors to the public, and offer attendees a chance to tour the state-of-the-art showroom at Steyr Arms’ Bessemer, Alabama headquarters and take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime bargains. What’s more, they’ve just announced that they’re holding the second annual Steyr Demo Day. Located at the CMP range in Talladega, attendees can not only hold, but actually shoot Steyr firearms for free.

Steyr reports that they have tentatively scheduled their Open House for October 22nd through October 24th; the Steyr Demo Day is slated for October 17th. These dates are subject to change, as the arms maker continues to keep a careful eye on the development of the global COVID-19 pandemic. But not to worry—if for any reason they cannot host the Open House, they tell us that they will offer a Web promotion of equal value. Mark your calendars and keep an eye on the Steyr Arms Events page on Facebook for accurate updates!


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