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FIRE GOOD! Federal Introduces FireStick Muzzleloader Powder Charge



There are plenty of reasons to hunt with a muzzleloader–extended hunting seasons, challenging oneself to harvest game like the Pilgrims did, etc.–but it’s true that this relatively primitive technology can sometimes be a pain to manage. The engineers at Federal Ammunition figured there must be a better way to honor muzzleloading Traditions while making your smokepole’s operation better, easier, and safer. Their solution: FireStick, a brand-new and unique muzzleloading propellant system developed together with Traditions muzzleloaders and Hodgdon, this new system revolutionizes a platform for old-school blackpowder fans.

Here’s how it works: FireStick is a premeasured, self-contained powder charge composed of a polymer capsule precisely filled—using strict specifications at Federal’s ammunition plant—with an exact charge of all-new, ultra-clean black powder substitute Hodgdon Triple 8 granular powder. The sealed capsule utilizes a breakable front section (cap) that completely encases the powder charge.

Use is simple. First, the bullet is loaded from the muzzle to seat on top of a bullet shelf inside the barrel of the rifle. The break-open action of the rifle is opened. The FireStick is then installed into the open breech to seat just behind the bullet shelf and seated bullet. A 209 Muzzleloader primer is inserted into the FireStick propellant capsule to charge the powder. The break-open action is closed. It’s now ready to fire, once the hammer is pulled back and the safety is turned off. Here’s a cool video demonstrating that:

The FireStick system is expected to be ready in time for the fall/winter 2020 muzzleloading season, and so will the planned Traditions rifles using the FireStick system. (Please visit for more information on the status of those rifles.) The FireStick will be sold in 10-count packs at $26.95 per pack. At this time, two pre-loaded FireStick charge levels will be available: 100-grains or 120-grains Hodgdon Triple 8. Users can expect projectile velocities equal to or better than what they are getting with equivalent loads from other types of in-line muzzleloaders. Learn more about Hodgdon’s new Triple 8 muzzleloader powder by visiting

Is it legal in your state? You should definitely check your state regulations, but research conducted by Federal Ammunition shows that many states define a muzzleloader by the requirement of loading the projectile down the muzzle manually. By this definition, many states should allow the FireStick to be legal for hunting big game during their muzzleloader seasons.

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