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If you are looking for a new firearm for hunting big game, competitive shooting, or for fun trips to the range, you may want to consider a 50 cal. There are plenty of different types of 50 caliber guns, though most are not exactly practical as a civilian firearm unless you plan to use them for hunting or having a little fun at the range. If you are in the market for a new gun to add to your collection, you can find many 50 cal firearms for sale among the user listings on Visit the 50 BMG Does it All page to help you find short-cuts to your shopping needs. Below are additional options that may be of help.

The Classic 50 Cal

If you are familiar with the classic Barrett 50 cal rifle, it comes in multiple designs. The three main types are the original, large rifle; the smaller, lighter version; and the bullpup version. All are semi-automatic. The Barrett is an iconic firearm appearing in many movies and video games. One new page that makes it easier for you if you’re a fan of the brand is Barrett, visit it here. While the Barrett 50 cal is not the only 50 caliber rifle, it is certainly one of the most well-known. For example, the McMillan TAC 50, ArmaLite AR 50, and SAN 511, formerly known as the OM 50 Nemesis, are all chambered in 50 BMG.

50 Beowulf for the AR Platform

Bill Alexander of Alexander Arms developed the 50 Beowulf caliber specifically for AR-style gun platforms. It is a low-velocity, heavy caliber that is similar to a 45 70 Government round. The 50 Beowulf round is becoming widely recognized as a round that can be used for hunting, especially if you hunt large game, such as moose or black bear. There are plenty of AR 15 platforms that use 50 Beowulf, making it much more accessible than 50 BMG.

50 AE Popularized by the Desert Eagle

The 50 Action Express round is best known for its use in the Desert Eagle. The recoil on the 50 AE cartridge, especially in the Desert Eagle, is substantial—slightly more than 44 Magnum. Like the other 50 caliber rounds, 50 Action Express is often not a practical round you will use all the time. It is primarily used for target shooting at the range and for medium and big game hunting. Other firearms chambered in 50 AE include the AMT AutoMag V and the Magnum Research BFR.

Big-Bore Muzzleloaders

Big-bore muzzleloaders can fire rounds that are 50 caliber or larger. The powder and round are loaded down the muzzle, as the name implies. They are often break-action, but not always. Muzzleloaders are popular for hunting, despite the challenge of only being able to shoot once before a lengthy reload time. However, many hunters see this as part of the appeal. With that said, the modern muzzleloader is accurate and has a longer effective range than traditional muzzleloaders. Plus, using one can give you access to different hunting seasons throughout the year that more traditional rifles might not.

Big Game Rifles

If you’re going hunting, not any rifle will do. Your old tried and trusted Ruger 10-22 is accurate and fun, but it’s not what you need if you’re going big-game hunting. You need to be prepared, know the game, the terrain you’ll be hunting in and know the climate. All of these are important factors. Check out’s Safari Hunting page that may make your decision making a little easier. And if that doesn’t get you salivating, check out the Big Game Rifles page.

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