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CrossBreed Announces Taco Tuesdays (& Other Limited-Edition Reckoning Holsters)!



Aaaand now I’m hungry.

Because the only thing better than a CrossBreed Reckoning Holster is a Taco Tuesday CrossBreed Reckoning Holster…

One of the best things about being an outdoor writer is experiencing the firearms industry’s sense of humor. If you can’t see the phrase “taco holster” without getting a little hungry, you’ll enjoy CrossBreed Holsters’ latest tongue-in-cheek offerings! The holster manufacturer is celebrating taco holsters–and #TacoTuesday–with a weekly release of brand-new CrossBreed Limited Edition Reckoning Holsters. They do cost $10 more than a “regular” CrossBreed Reckoning holster, but there are three reasons why you shouldn’t care about that.

1: The “regular,” unadorned Reckoning holster is already offered at a price that’s under industry standards;

2: CrossBreed regularly offers chances on their website to win gift certificates (and we’ll have a bit more on that shortly); and

3: Did I forget to mention that it’s got tacos on it? Because tacos.

That said, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that you can win a $750 gift certificate from CrossBreed Holsters right now! Starring a Langdon Tactical-tuned XD-E, valued at $738, right now, our New Year, New Gear $3.5K giveaway boasts shooting targets from Legion Target, a gift card from XDMAN, expert self-defense instruction from the Personal Defense Network, hearing protection from AXIL, and more, this giveaway has everything you need to start 2021 off right! Entering is free and easy. Just click here, give us your contact information, and wait for a very happy New Year to get started!

Who needs New Year’s Resolutions when you have all this New Year’s Gun & Gear?

Just click here, give us your contact information, and wait for a very happy New Year to get started!


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