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Viridian’s HS1 Handstop Laser: Your AR15’s Best Friend



Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Holding an AR-15 mounted with a Viridian HS1 handstop laser for the first time made me feel like the first caveman to tame a wolf: How is it that nobody thought of this before? I would probably still be wrinkling my Neanderthal brow about it if the joy of ringing steel hadn’t made me forget all about it. The Viridian HS1 handstop laser is activated by your support hand as soon as you get a positive grip, so there are no switches to activate or extra steps to remember. It’s just smooth shooting, from the first shot to the last.

The Viridian HS1 handstop laser is the first of its kind in the world. It requires an M-Lok to mount, and installation is simple. So far, the shooters who have been lucky enough to get their support hands wrapped around one have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about this dead-on sighting device. “This green laser is great. Doesn’t add any bulk weight like some foregrips. Small and lightweight but big enough to stop at my hand. When I do add pressure to the inside groove the green laser is activated until I remove my hand. Unbelievably bright in the daytime…I have fired about 300 rounds and so far it’s holding zero fine at 40 yards,” says one user.

Simple to install, intuitive to use, and deadly downrange…all available for $179. Just like the first caveman to tame a wolf and take him hunting, my AR-15 has a new best friend in the Viridian HS1 handstop laser. Click here for more.