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HEY, I HEARD THAT! AXIL 360 Hearing Earbuds & Ear Protection All In One



Dear Millennials: Take it from a Generation X-er, spend the money on good hearing pro now.

WHAT? HUH? You mean those little foam earplugs that sit in my 5.11 pants pockets and collect lint and earwax were really not what I needed to prevent hearing loss? If only AXIL had existed back in my salad days of Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, and an old-school Chinese-made SKS. The girlfriend with the pierced tongue may be a thing of the past, but my deafness will remain with me forever. The good news is that it’s not too late to stop future hearing loss, and that AXIL’s 360 Hearing earbuds will also increase your ability to hear from 42 to 70 decibels (dB) depending on your condition.

When I was moshing to White Zombie, I would never have guessed that more than 70 percent of people with hearing loss like mine go through at least two purchases before they find the right hearing solution…at an average cost of $5,600 a pair…for a $10-15K investment that sits in their junk drawers. AXIL’s 360 Hearing earbuds have an MSRP of $3,799. If that still sounds (heh heh, see what I did there?) expensive, consider the other places you might go for your hearing pro needs. They look much cheaper, but chances are that you won’t be happy. Here’s what I mean:

Internet One Size Fits All Solutions: These usually have 2-3 cheap foreign (mostly Chinese) hearing aids that are one size fits all behind the ear or in the ear. These come with a 40-75% return rate because your hearing is not a one size fits all situation.

Most offer 3-4 solutions from sub-par brands. They tell you these are top of the line, but they aren’t. Don’t believe me? Take a specific brand model a clubmart calls “top of the line,” then call that manufacturer on the phone and they will tell you their “top of the line” is not sold through clubmarts. Period. Clubmart hearing aids come with an average 25% return rate. These are also among the worst hearing aids for real clarity in hearing.

Traditional Hearing Clinics
Hearing clinics do offer a wide range of brands and services, and there are many great hearing professionals out there. The challenge you run into is they charge very high prices for TRUE top of the line technology, and they don’t specialize in outdoor technologies. The return rate for hearing solutions from these clinics is much better than the above at 21%.

Who has the lowest return rate? AXIL 360 Hearing earbuds were made by shooters, for shooters, and their return rate is under 5%. AXIL 360 Hearing earbuds come in two basic flavors: the Open 360 and the Custom Edge 360. Both offer you clear and natural Open Ear hearing for all of your life’s activities. The main difference is that one is a “standard” model that you can buy off the shelf, and the other is custom fit to your ear canals.


  • AudiCORE™ 4.0 100% Digital Sound Processing (DSP)
  • Digital Sound Compression (DSC) Hearing Protection™
  • Open Ear BTE / Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells
  • Push button Volume Control
  • Standard #10a Hearing Battery

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