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Boyds Gunstocks Thumbhole At-One: AR-Type Customizability, Wooden Furniture



I know for a fact that somebody is snickering at “the warmth of hardwood,” and you know what? I’m OK with that.

What if you love endless ergonomic options and the warmth of hardwood?

Ask any 10 shooters what they love about the AR-15 and its variants, and I guarantee that at least seven of them will mention how easy it is to adjust the stock’s length of pull to account for different shooters, clothing, and what-have-you. Ask any 10 shooters what they’re not super fond of, and I guarantee “I just like wooden stocks better” will be heavily represented. That’s why shooters who love customizability but aren’t fans of composite materials will be stoked to hear about Boyds Gunstocks‘ new Thumbhole At-One stock.

What’s more, the Thumbhole At-One has a feature that you won’t find on most modern sporting rifles: In addition to the length-of-pull adjustment you’re used to, there’s also a comb height adjustment. Both can be finessed with a touch of a button. This should be exciting news for hunters who need to adjust their gun to their changing layers of clothing, as well as families, gun instructors, and friend groups who might share a long gun amongst themselves. Given that comb height is one of the unsung reasons that many women have trouble finding long guns that fit them comfortably, this extra adjustability ought to be a big hit with women who shoot.

Available in hundreds of configurations for various types of long guns, as well as a baker’s dozen of finish colors, the Thumbhole At-One offers you the chance to build your perfect gunstock before it ever gets to your door. (That’s why we haven’t listed the MSRP yet; final pricing will depend on your final option selections. They do start at $199.) You can personalize your new Thumbhole At-One with the grips, forends, and combs of your choosing for the ultimate in comfort, style, and shootability.

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