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US’ Biggest Bump Stock Supplier to Federal Gov’t: F You, Pay Us



I love the smell of a fresh tort in the morning.

Knee-jerk bannings come at a price. RW Arms says it’s time for the .gov to pay it.

Just barely two weeks after the federal bump stock ban went into effect, we’ve learned that the largest supplier of bump stocks in the U.S. has filed suit against the federal government seeking damages for the fair market value of the 73,436 bump stocks it was forced to destroy. Fort Worth-based retailer RW Arms, Ltd has joined forces with retailer The Modern Sportsman in an attempt to recoup the significant losses those businesses suffered.

What’s interesting about all of this is that these corporate entities have a far better chance of seeing some of their money than bump-stock owners ever will. You see, the Gun Control Act of 1968 now covers bump stocks, meaning that previously law-abiding owners must destroy or surrender their bump stocks without compensation…on pain of up to 10 years in federal PMITA prison and a cool quarter-mil in fines for each violation. The lawsuit alleges that this is a physical taking of property without just compensation in violation of the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

RW Arms may be the largest bump stock supplier in America, but that doesn’t mean it’s a big business. In fact, it’s a small 100% veteran-owned company, and although they also distribute high-capacity magazines, performance triggers, optics, and rifle parts, the loss of the bump stock side of their business is not inconsiderable.

“Without legislation, the government was able to overturn the previous ruling on bump stocks effectively turning law abiding gun owners into felons overnight if they were not turned in or destroyed,” said Michael Stewart of RW Arms. “This is an injustice, overreach, and infringement on our 2nd amendment and 5th amendment rights. We appreciate the work of Gun Owners of America and Firearms Policy Coalition for continuing to fight for our rights. We at RW Arms have been working behind the scenes preparing for this fight and have now filed lawsuit against the government to protect our rights and the rights of our customers from being infringed any further.”

Okay, yes, that was considerably politer than “F you, pay me.” After all, they’re about to head into court and that sort of vulgarity wouldn’t work in their favor. So I’m happily saying it for them.