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G&GD Review: The Chest Rig GRID – The Latest Gear For AK47 Enthusiasts



At the time, most of the AK47 chest rigs on the market were based upon the Chinese Chicom or Russian Lifchik that supported 3,4 or 6 magazines. The 6 magazine design is usually designed around three double stack pouches. When a magazine is removed the other gets really sloppy. Our rig eliminates the sloppiness.

Why five mags? five mags allows for a light combat load. Five in the chest rig and one in the weapon. Five side-by-side mag pouches allows access to the end mags without wrapping too far around the body. This design lead to the use of the elastic bungee cord pull-tab that secures each mag and eliminates any sloppiness.

1 – change the way the AK mag are carried
2 – build the lowest profile AK mag chest rig on the market. Lower prone signature
3 – a light combat load and break the 6 or 8 mag options

As shooting is becoming more of a sport throughout the world, the gun community is also evolving with time. The now serious sport of shooting has become a passion of many people. Because of this, advancements in the tactical gear for shooting are also evolving. However, shooters who are enthusiastic for AK47s barely get smart gear that makes shooting more interesting.

Only recently “Beez Combat Systems” has come up with the latest and smartly fashioned chest rigs for AK47 shooters. Not only these advanced chest rigs have revolutionized the sport, but also has proved to be a better accessory for the AK47 operators than the ones available before. The newly introduced chest rigs by Beez Combat Systems are called AK47 Chest Rig GRID. The former AK47 chest rigs hadn’t had any moderation until now. Well, not only this chest rig is being labeled as revolutionary, but also this chest rig has completely changed the game.

Here we discuss some of the best features of this AK47 Chest Rig GRID that makes it so special.

The Design Moderation

As the gun AK47 has gone through various moderations, the new chest rig has been fashioned keeping those moderations in mind so that it best fits the users. Previously AK47 chest rigs used to have Chinese Chicom or Russian Lifchik that could support 3, 4, or 6 magazines. The issue was that the 6 magazine chest rig was designed with three double stack pouches. Means there were two mags in one pouch. When one magazine was removed from the pouch, it made the other one go lose. This sloppiness has been taken care of by the latest chest rig by making separate pouches for mags.

The Magazine Capacity

The latest AK47 chest rig GRID only has a capacity for 5 magazines. 5 in the chest rig and one loaded in the gun makes it a total of 6. The number of magazine pouches has been kept 5 because there are separate pouches for all 5 magazines, and any more pouches than that would make the rig be wrapped far around the body. This design has elastic bungee cord pull tab that holds each magazine without making them go lose in their individual pouch.

Other Features of the Chest Rig GRID

Some of the key features in the Chest Rig GRID include:

1 – It changes the manner in which AK mags were carried

2 – It has a light combat load

3 – Separate magazine pouches to stop lose mags from rattling

4 – Compatible with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) i.e. the army bag-pack

5 – It’s easily affordable

6 – It’s available in three tones – army multicam print, coyote brown and black.

7 – It has H-harness at the back to support it around your body. It isn’t strapped around your body like the previous chest rigs. Field tests have proved that H-harness is more comfortable and keeps the rig more stable than before.

Laser Cut Technology

AK47 Chest Rig GRID is manufactured using the 1,000 Denier Cordura, the laser cut technology that not only reduces its excess weight but also reduces its cost. Since there is no need for additional material because of the laser cut, the manufacturing cost has gone down. Chest Rig GRID benefits from laser cut technology in the following ways:

  • It has slimmer profile, less weight and elastic pull tabs that the operator can adjust according to his comfort.
  • The chest rig is now more durable. Laser cut technology reduces the chances of rig getting torn or ripped due to additional sewing.
  • The laser cutting has made the rig more compatible for additional magazines, shingles, pouches, and even pistol magazine shingles.
  • Less stitching and additional material in the rig has lowered its prices.

Laser cut technology has been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t being used for commercial purposes. Companies who put the satisfaction of their customers first have only now started to implement the technology into their manufacturing processes. Since, shooting and AK47s have become popular among citizens for their private ownership, more necessary demands for the gear also have to be met now.

Laser cut technology provides the AK47 Chest Rig GRID the level of comfort and safety standards that some professionals demand. Also, the laser cut technology has provided the latest chest rig the required level of detail to carry mags and shingles.

Owing to the updated and comfortable gear for the AK47 operators the Ak47 playing fields have sort of revamped because of this moderation. AK47 Chest Rig GRID has become a premium utility that is a must have gear with gun itself.



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