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5 Reasons Why Defcon CAB Should Be the Bag For an AR



Anybody who’s into guns and hunting would know what an AR is. For those who are unaware of this semi-automatic beauty, an AR is a magazine-fed, gas operated rifle. AR is a gun with astounding features like fixed adjustable front and back iron sights, detachable carrying handle, and Picatinny rails which allows the shooter to use various adjustable scopes and sighting gear.

The use and private ownership of AR-15 has become prevalent in most parts of the world. However, it’s not wise to freely roam around with your AR hanging over your shoulder. It’s also not wise to leave behind an AR or any gun without concealment in your car. Now an AR is a big rifle which comes in three barrel sizes. 16 inches barrel size is the carbine, 20 inches is standard, and 24 inches is for targets. Keeping it concealed is not ideally easy.

As it turns out, there are smart options which can not only conceal a gun like AR, but also make the carrier look like quite a hunter. Owning a gun, big or small, is a huge responsibility. The owner must be aware of the consequences if the unconcealed gun gets into the wrongs hands and causes greater damage. The best option to conceal an AR is a Defcon CAB. It’s a “Compact Assault Bag” that is best suited for the AR’s safe custody. Here we discuss 5 reasons why Defcon CAB should be the bag used to conceal and keep an AR.

1- The Shape & Size Of Defcon CAB

In a glance Defcon CAB looks like as if it’s some kind of a carry along bag for a folded chair. It is 26 inches in length. It’s black and has zipper around it. Once you unzip the bag it opens up like a book. The opened bag reveals the perfect capacity to keep an AR. One side for the upper and the other one for AR’s lower. If neatly arranged, it only takes few seconds to undo the velcro flaps that holds the gear inside the bag until removed and pin the gun together.

2- Not Many AR Cases Are Available

There is a huge variety of gun cases for pistols and revolvers, but there isn’t much for rifles and big semi-automatic guns. It’s not easy to own and carry around ARs without a proper gun case. The inside of CAB is padded and it has a wide shoulder strap that is adjustable for both left and right handed people. If you want to carry it like a large briefcase, you can have it that way also.

3- It Is Easy To Move Around With an AR In It

Believe it or not but people actually frown upon those who carry a gun as big as an AR. Therefore, its concealment is a priority if you don’t want your AR to be noticed by all sorts of people around you.

When you leave home you need to carry your AR and when you come back you need to carry your AR back to your home. If your neighbors aren’t very fond of your hunting or feel threatened by you carrying a rifle around then it is best in everybody’s interests that you conceal it in a manner that is not objectionable to anyone.

4- The Capacity CAB Provides

There isn’t just room for your AR in CAB, but also for its accessories and supplies that come with it. The bag is designed to accommodate the upper and lower parts of an AR or M4 platform carbines. There’s also sufficient room for rail mounted attachments and for up to four magazines. Moreover, there are flaps and closures that prevent the expensive gear from getting scratches while carrying the AR around. Then obviously there’s thick padding that protects the gear from getting damaged in rough conditions.

5- It’s Affordable And Tactical

Defcon Cab doesn’t cost more than $35. As affordable as it is, Defcon bag is also very tactical. The way it is manufactured and places an AR and its accessories only takes less than a minute to arrange it on the field or on the range. There is also a special compartment for storing smaller items like batteries, pens and anything else you might need on a hunt.

Defcon CAB does not only make your possession of an AR discreet, but also provides you an easy solution of carrying it along with its supporting gadgets in an orderly fashion, without any hassle, and without attracting any unwanted attention.


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