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Why Are Red Dot Sights Available For Handguns?



The dynamics of optics for pistols has changed dramatically over the years. The first application that comes to a new shooter’s mind when they think of buying a reflex or red dot sight is fitting it onto a rifle. This is no longer true as red dot sights are available for your handgun now. This is owed partly to the AR-15’s rise in popularity as the red dot sight is the AR 15’s most favored accessory.

AR 15s have contributed to creating a new generation of precision optics to provide a necessary update to the familiar iron sight setup. So much so that there are red dot sights available for handguns now.

Red Dot Sights And the Evolution Of Technology

Red dot sights available for handguns are very flexible and easy to use. They are already a must have accessory for rifle owners but are making their way onto handguns for a reason. There’s a knack for technology to always provide better features to smaller packages. Till the 1980s you would have seen humungous cellular phones that would dwarf today’s compact smart phones in size, but they don’t even come close to the variability in functionality that the next generation of smartphones offers.

Supercomputers had to be housed in whole rooms, whereas nowadays there are laptops that perform way more complex calculations and have way more processing power despite being smaller in size. Red dot sights are no exception to the way technology has treated cellphones and computers. Manufacturers are producing smaller sights to allow them to be fitted into smaller packages, which is why Red dot sights available for handguns are designed to fit onto these guns instead of just rifles.

Benefits Of Red Dot Sights On Handguns

Red dots in handguns were initially available to the hunting market for allowing them to pinpoint the prey before they fired. They eventually made their way into the competitive shooting scene. They’re now cherished by tactical and defensive shooters, and this is driving the demand for red dot sights for handguns.

Reflex sights for pistols are undoubtedly small and lightweight to be attached as a carry on for your gun without adding too much bulk. Red dot sights available for handguns must be well constructed in a robust manner to withstand any resulting recoil from the gun.

A shift in the technology will invariable cause training ideologies to be molded accordingly. The main advantage of the red dot sights available for handguns is that they eliminate the worries of the gun user to align their line of sight with the target and just focus on it. This produces a quicker hit on the target.

It can make all of the difference if you can fire quickly and accurately when you’re in a competition. In combat scenarios, the faster hit can mean the difference between life and death, there is no in between. So it is great that these red dot sight systems are backed up by the iron sights to leave no margin for error. When you have to defend yourself at close range, as most defensive scenarios play out this way, it will be better to use the sight frame as a reference.

Another useful benefit of red dot sights is that they’re not harsh on the eyes. Over the long term, a shooters vision is subjected to deterioration no matter how minimal. This means they’ll have to adapt to these changes if they wish to remain safe and be more accurate with their aim. Reflex sights help with these problems of reduced vision, are reliable and safe to use.

Although there are many manufacturers that are bringing these pistol optics to the table, there are some that are more popular than others, such as the Vortex Venom.

Vortex Venom

It is easy to see in nearly all lighting conditions with this red dot sight by your side. It allows greater accuracy for the long range shooter. The Ultra clear multi coted lens allows a wider field of view and a sharper high quality image. The brightness controls are on the left side of the red dot sight. Furthermore, the Vortex Venom is shock and water proof to withstand the toughest of conditions. It even has a 14-hour auto shutdown to extend its battery life.

The Vortex Venom red dot sight can be mounted on pistols that have Picatinny rails in addition to rifles and shotguns, showing that it’s incredibly versatile.

Is there any other red dot strike you’re thinking of buying? Let us know.


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