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The Best Guns That Stood The Test Of Time



For the most part of humanity’s history ever since they were invented, revolvers have been more than just side arms that could be used for the purpose of their defense. They serve a bigger purpose as revolvers have been considered among the best guns that have stood the test of time. These weapons were used generation after generation and managed to maintain their relevance in functionality and sentimental value that they would be passed on from father to son.

For the longest time since their invention, revolvers were the most commonly used firearms which gained so much popularity that they would even be featured more and more in Hollywood films that led to a further increase in their popularity as years have passed.

A majority of the police departments in America issued revolvers which were made from companies like Smith and Wesson and the very popular Colt. The revolver was so popular that even military contracts did not spare the weapon and had it as an important part of their arsenal for the longest time. Officers used the revolvers during wartime.

Until the time came that weapons technology advanced far enough to bring about the age of semiautomatic pistols, revolvers remained one of the primary firearms used throughout the world. The only reason why these weapons became slightly less popular was not because of outdated technology, but due to the additional capacity of ammunition that semiautomatic pistols offered. Revolvers could only carry mostly six-bullets in rotating cylinders but even with the popularity of semiautomatic pistols, revolvers are still considered the best guns that stood the test of time.

Evolution of Revolvers

The early most revolvers that were made we actually quite simple and consisted of a cap and ball mechanism. They started becoming less popular once the advent of cartridge ammunition become more commonplace. The revolvers were used widely on various battlefields but they were initially more popular among the ranch owners for use against the many wild animals, which they had to face in their day to day affairs like rattlesnakes.

The problem with these revolvers was that they could be loaded with only one bullet at a time so their use was limited to that for ranchers to defend themselves against snakes. This revolver design changed soon afterwards to improve functionality and the new design consisted of an exposed cylinder that allowed for faster reloading.

Further development saw the revolver boast a side opening model to make it a little better than the last model but the next step in its evolution became the final form which we still see in revolvers with the rotating exposed cylinder that opens on the side. Revolvers finally took the form that made them the best guns that stood have stood the test of time.

For many years, the revolver has seen use as a personal defense weapon; it is still carried today by many for that very purpose. One of the most popular types of revolvers today for the purpose of self defense is the snub nosed revolver which boasts a lot of power with a small barrel. It is quite easy to conceal and very deadly at close range.


One of the reasons why revolvers are the best guns that have stood the test of time is the fact they have exhibited immense reliability throughout their existence. Semiautomatic pistols have effectively become more popular as self defense firearms but they have not managed to kill off the ever faithful revolvers. These hand cannons are a great self defense tool when travelling through dangerous terrain especially against the likes of wild animals.

The reason why revolvers are so effective against wild animals that can be lethal for you is the range of calibers these side arms come in. The 410 birdshot revolver is a perfect example of such a handgun. This hand cannon of a gun carries the power of a shotgun compressed into the form of a sidearm.

Drawbacks of the Revolver

Even though revolvers are still considered to be the best guns that have stood the test of time, they do happen to have their issues. The first issue with the revolver is that despite its reliability, they do have a severe lack of capacity regarding ammunition. Even though speed loaders do exist to make for faster reloads, they are only available for combat situations and the revolvers cannot compete with the semiautomatic handguns in ammo capacity.

The second drawback with the revolver is ironically the fact that they are very reliable. Since they are such resilient handguns, if there is a chance that they do get damaged, only the most skilled gunsmiths are going to be able to fix them. They are old weapons that were mostly handmade and parts are very difficult to come by nowadays. That is why they cannot function very well as self defense weapon in this day and age.


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