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9 Mistakes New Gun Owners Make And How To Avoid Them



There are many mistakes new gun owners make due to their ignorance and laziness towards gun training and learning the weapon’s fundamentals. Below are some of these common blunders made by first-time gun owners:

Not Taking Training Seriously

One of the biggest mistakes new gun owners make is not practicing enough to use the weapon. It is important to know how to shoot and reload a gun while also removing any malfunctions. Every gun owner needs to know at least the basics of gun shooting, so in time of emergency, they can actually use the weapon.

New gun owners can avoid being confused when actually using the firearm by training at a gun range under the supervision of professional instructors.

Not Using Proper Gear

It is necessary to have a suitable gear for carrying your gun. Even the most expensive guns can end up in a pitiful state if not carried right.

If you plan to carry a gun around your waist then you must get a well-built belt. Also, the holster should accurately cover the trigger to avoid any accidental shooting.

Buying At Higher Price

Many first-time gun buyers get a little too excited when visiting a gun dealer. They end up paying extra for a gun that was much cheaper which is a frequent mistake new gun owners make.

However, novice gun owners can avoid being looted by researching about their desired weapon before heading to the dealer.

Not Educating Family Members About Gun Use

If you are planning to bring a gun in the house, it is always recommended to talk to your family first. Let them know that a gun isn’t only used for violence and can protect us when needed. Most domestic gun accidents are caused by family members who somehow got their hands on the weapon.

Every new gun owner must train at least one person in their home in operating the gun whenever required since the only purpose for buying the weapon is to safeguard your family from any mishap.

Having an Empty Chamber

There’ no point in carrying gun without a loaded chamber. An attacker will shoot several rounds by the time you load your gun. Therefore, one must learn to exercise proper trigger control and then keep loaded chambers whenever carrying a firearm.

Making Poor Storage Choices

Another big mistake new gun owners make is keeping the weapon at inappropriate places. People are seen storing guns where children can easily access them. Some new gun owners also end up keeping them in such a place where they can’t be reached even during a home invasion.

Therefore, as soon as you buy a gun, it is best to purchase a storage vault for it. These vaults are small enough to easily fit under your bed or on the nightstand, thus being within the owner’s reach.

Getting the Wrong Ammo

A shocking number of gun accidents happen just because the wrong kind of ammunition was used. Firing incorrect ammunition can cause the weapon to suddenly explode as soon as you pull the trigger.

It is normally recommended that after buying a new set of ammo, one should practice shooting it at a range. People should also learn about the different types of bullets and their specific use.

Not Knowing Firearm Safety Rules

No matter if you are a new gun owner or a veteran, not knowing gun safety rules is simply unacceptable. There are many people who have no clue about these rules and are a threat to not only their own safety but that of others too. This common mistake new gun owners make can be avoided by simply learning about the various firearm safety rules from your trainer or through the manuals provided when buying a gun.

Not Knowing Firearms Laws

Many new gun owners don’t educate themselves about the local weapon laws. Therefore, many people are charged for carrying or using weapons illegally even if they were licensed. This is because each state has its own stand on gun use and its one’s job to know about them. A person can avoid this big legal blunder by researching about the state and federal gun laws and asking their gun dealer about these regulations as well.

Since guns are sensitive objects and must be handled with immense care, all gun owners must avoid making these mistakes and train properly.



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