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10 Tips for Concealed Carry Beginners



The whole purpose of carrying and concealing your gun is to protect yourself and your family from situations that can potentially be life-threatening. Carrying a concealed carry in self-defense is permitted by law in the United States but you may be required to get a permit for it. After having a concealed carry and the required permit, you are now prepared to defend and protect yourself from looming dangers on the streets. However, as a concealed carry beginner, you might want to know some tips and tricks that might help you in concealing your handgun.

We have compiled ten tips that might be useful to you if you are a new concealed carry owner.

Get your training first!

If you have a new firearm, you might want to get some professional training on how to use, carry, and conceal it. After all, the reason for having a concealed carry is to use it wisely for self-defense. If you don’t know how to use your handgun, then there is no point in having it in the first place. Make sure you get yourself registered for a basic concealed carry course first. This will give you your license, and also the know-how of the laws in your state. Moreover, it would be a good idea to sign up with a reputable instructor, who would train you regarding how you should use and carry a concealed gun. This training would enable you to use your concealed carry timely in case of danger.

Carry your firearm at all times

You must carry and conceal your gun at all times. You cannot control what might happen to you outside even if you are out for about ten minutes. Make sure you always carry your concealed gun with you whenever you go out, because it’s always best to have your concealed carry ready!

  1. Be cautious of printing

Make sure you select the right size of handgun. As a concealed carry beginner, you will initially find it difficult to conceal and carry a firearm even if it’s really small. So make sure you select a handgun, which is not large, and is not likely to stick out or become visible to the public.

  1. Don’t keep touching your gun unconsciously

As a beginner, having a concealed carry on you can be fairly irritating. You might end up touching your gun every now and then to check if it’s in place. Please avoid touching your firearm; you would unconsciously do it a lot in the beginning, but with practice, you would get better.

  1. Make sure you can appropriately handle your weapon

Make sure you get the right concealed carry for yourself. The right firearm, and a lot of practice, is the key to self-defense. Having a concealed carry is easy, but having, and using it right is what might seem to be a little difficult.

  1. Know the laws in your state

Concealed carry laws are fairly the same for almost every state. However, they might vary a little. So, as a beginner, you must know the laws in your state in order to avoid any trouble your ignorance might bring about.

  1. Don’t adjust your concealed carry in public

As a concealed gun carrier, if you feel that your handgun is sliding down a little, make sure you go to a private place to adjust it. Adjusting your concealed gun in public would eliminate the purpose of carrying and concealing a gun for self-defense. So, remember that you are not supposed to adjust your concealed carry in public.

Make sure you’re wearing proper clothes.

Another important tip for concealed carry beginners is that they wear proper clothes that further help in gun concealment. These can include large-sized, dark-colored shirts, or even sweatshirts for that matter. Dark-colored and large-sized shirts might help you avoid concealed carry printing. You might also feel more comfortable and relaxed, and less-conscious of your concealed gun while you’re out. This might help you a lot as a beginner.

  1. Have the right mindset

Make sure you mentally prepare yourself before carrying a firearm with yourself. Prepare your mind to take action in your self-defense when you actually need to, and also tell yourself that you have a concealed carry so you can use it to protect yourself. This may entail firing it at someone; so wait, but don’t keep waiting for too long before pulling the trigger.

  1. Test you concealed carry ammo

Another tip concealed carry beginners may benefit from is that they should always test fire their concealed carry handgun. However, this must be done after training, when you know how to use your firearm, and the laws that come along. Moreover, getting your training is not enough. This needs consistent practice. Also, make sure you are doing it in private.

We hope these tips would help you cross your concealed carry beginner phase with ease. Just make sure to get your training right, and practice as much as you can!


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