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Steyr Pro Hunter II Budget-Friendly Bolt-Action Rifle is HERE!



Connoisseurs of fine European bolt-action hunting rifles know the Steyr name for their devastating accuracy, unmatched durability, and fine-tuned balance and beauty. Connoisseurs of fine European bolt-action hunting rifles also know that quality of this type comes with a hefty price tag…until now, that is, with the Steyr Pro Hunter II. The next-generation iteration of the beloved Pro Hunter is back, better than ever, and boasts an MSRP that’s well within the budget of the American “common man” hunter. But make no mistake; this is not a stripped-down, no-frills, factory-seconds rifle.

Safety Features

The Steyr Pro Hunter II comes with all of the same features you expect from Steyr. We’ll start with its safety features. The Pro Hunter 2 features the world-renowned Steyr Safe Bolt System (SBS), a unique 2+1 safety function that offers 3 settings operated by a wheel switch on the tang of the receiver. The fire mode (safety off) is indicated by a red dot, the first level of safe mode disables the firing mechanism and the second level of safe serves to lock the bolt down against the stock and also features a press-to-release tab that locks the SBS switch in the safe and locked position.

Another feature is the two-stage magazine securing mechanism that uses a first stage that locks the magazine in, but allows the bolt to be operated while not engaging and chambering the rounds in the magazine. This gives you the option of loading individual rounds by hand while maintaining a full magazine at the ready. One more tap to the bottom of the magazine then seats it in the second stage, which is ready for auto-loading.

Action and Caliber

Steyr’s Pro Hunter II comes in short-action calibers only at this time, including 7mm-08 Rem., .243 Win., .308 Win., and .223 Rem. All of these, of course, are well-suited for whitetails or muleys…and they’re going to be here in time for deer season. With a trigger pull weight of just 3 pounds, an overall weight of 7.7 pounds, and an overall length of 45.3 inches, the Pro Hunter is begging to be taken into the fields almost as loudly as your golden retriever.

Steyr’s Pro Hunter II doesn’t skimp on looks, either. It comes straight from the factory outfitted with a Boyds Prairie Hunter laminated wood stock sporting your choice of the brand-new Mossy Oak Elements Terra Gila pattern, or a sleek Pepper wood grain. For a limited time only, Steyr is offering a stainless-steel barrel and MANNOX receiver option for the 7mm-08 while all other calibers come standard with the proven MANNOX finish. Are you ready for the MSRP? It starts at $1,199 (about what you’d expect to pay for a Browning X-Bolt)!