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New Movie Idea: Predator vs. Stoeger M3500



You’re alone in the dark, waiting, when the silence is broken by a chilling, inhuman warble and a storm of howls.

Of course, there’s nothing scary about a tom turkey. Big, ungainly, silly-looking critters they are, with their blue and white faces. Nor are coyotes anything that most of us have to fear. But ask a predator or turkey hunter over the campfire, and if they’re honest, they’ll tell you: the gobbles, yips, and yowls have a direct line from our ears to our adrenal glands. In that moment, alone in the dark, it’s really nice to have a magnum shotgun next to you. (Although we doubt the turkeys would agree.)

For years, discerning waterfowl hunters have enjoyed the hard-hitting, far-reaching performance of the Stoeger M3500-series semi-auto shotguns. For 2024, Stoeger Industries brings that same performance to the woods and fields with the all-new M3500 Predator/Turkey.

The M3500 Predator/Turkey begins with a 24-inch ported barrel chambered for 3.5-inch 12-gauge. Fitted with a stepped, vented rib and high-visibility red-bar front sight, the M3500 Predator/Turkey is ready for the hunt right out of the box. For those who prefer an optic, the receiver comes drilled and tapped for mounting.

Supporting the barreled receiver is Stoeger’s SteadyGrip stock system with a vertical pistol grip for optimal hand positioning and maximum comfort when waiting for the shot. A plush recoil pad combines with the ported barrel to mitigate felt recoil when shooting heavy magnum loads.

In keeping with the shotgun’s field hunting mission, the M3500 Predator/Turkey is dressed in Mossy Oak Overwatch camo. And since hands-free mobility is a major assist for the run-and-gun turkey hunter or when hustling to a new coyote set, the M3500 Predator/Turkey comes with integrated sling swivel studs and a strong, silent paracord sling.

As with all M3500 shotguns, the M3500 Predator/Turkey manages loads via the Inertia Driven system. This system, backed by a 4-round magazine tube, ensures reliable cycling and clean operation for even the heaviest turkey and buckshot ammunition. To make sure those shot columns hit the mark, the M3500 Predator/Turkey comes with two MOJO specialty chokes designed to deliver tight patterns and consistent point-of-impact performance. MSRP $939;


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