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Pilgrim Ammunition Equals Maximum Devastation




For most people the choice of how to protect their loved ones is one of the most important decisions they’ll make, and that’s why Pilgrim Ammunition’s defensive ammo deserves consideration. Pilgrim is the culmination of decades of experience: With design expertise, a background in Special Forces, and superb customer service, Pilgrim Ammunition strives to bring superior self-defense ammunition to the civilian and law enforcement markets. The most exciting new development from Pilgrim in 2021, though, is called the Torch.

Originally designed for the military, the Torch line is the new generation of that original bullet technology and earns its name … each offering is one hot round! Ultra-fast velocities give Torch ammo the capability of delivering maximum devastation on targets—without overpenetrating. Pilgrim Ammunition takes a different philosophy on how their ammo works. They combine a super-light bullet and ultra-fast velocities to achieve maximum devastation, without the overpenetration found in other bullets. This design allows maximum stopping power and 100% energy transfer into the target, while minimizing the risk to innocent bystanders.

We demonstrated this in our video by shooting ballistics gel and jugs of water. We consistently saw maximum penetration of around 10 inches, with most of the devastation occurring at 4-6 inches. The bullets seemed to burst into fragments, with chips ending up in a starburst pattern about the size of a softball.

So how is this achieved? Take for example the Torch 9mm load. The standard 9mm round nose has a weight of 115gr. and a velocity of around 1100 fps. Pilgrim Ammo more than cuts the weight of the projectile in half. At 50gr., the bullet moves at near rifle speeds of 2000 feet per second. This gives the round 450 foot-pounds of kinetic energy—easily 50% more energy than standard ammo. Having a lightweight projectile gives the extra benefit of less recoil.

Think about it this way; throwing a basketball is a heck of a lot easier than throwing a bowling ball. When you have less recoil, that adds to potentially more accuracy, faster followup shots and less wear and tear on the firearm and shooter. The high velocity and deep hollow-point pocket is what creates the massive hydraulic pressure that practically explodes the round in target. We witnessed this by shooting the torch ammo into water jugs. The ammo constantly exploded in the first jug, the base penetrated into the second jug, and then the third jug deep was left intact. Trying that with standard 9mm, the bullet overpenetrated all three jugs.

Now that I have some experience actually shooting the Torch series, I can say that I am excited. I know my shooting skills and what I am capable of. So as a basic test to see if I could tell the difference, I took a pistol that I had never shot before and drew from concealment as fast as I could shoot, using a steel action target silhouette. You can watch this in the included video.

Now remember that the 45acp torch ammo is rated as 45acp+p at a velocity of 1900 fps. Compare that to another brand of self-defense 45acp ammo, it has a max velocity at around 1000 fps. Shooting the other brand in the past I know that there is significant push and muzzle rise. In the video I was able to shoot a 45acp easily as fast as I am a normal 9mm, and to me, that is significant. I am able to shoot a bigger bullet faster and just as accurately as I can a smaller caliber. Compare that concept to the .380, which is considered already a low recoil round, but also has the reputation of being underpowered for self defense. Pilgrim’s .380 has a blistering 1500 fps velocity, but retains that low felt recoil.

Instead of trying to be a “do-all” ammunition company, Pilgrim has chosen to stay laser focused, only offering self-defense rounds in limited caliber choices. Why divide resources among various types of ammo when you can master the most popular calibers and the most personal form of ammo there is? The Torch series hollowpoint ammo is available in the four most popular self-defense calibers: .380acp, 9mm, .40s&w and .45acp. Each offering uses a solid copper hollow point, on top of a nickel-plated case, with ultra-clean burning powder and primers. (In fact this ammo is so clean that it is lead free and actually listed as Prop 65 certified and California compliant.

With all of the craziness of the last two years, it’s been hard to find ammo, let alone good premium self defense loads. So here is the great news: You can actually purchase Pilgrim’s Torch ammo at their website.

Now if you live in the following locations: AK, CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MA, NJ, NY, Canada, sorry the state regulations will not allow shipping direct to a customer. But your dealer can order the ammo for you. Trust me, it’s worth the effort and your dealer will thank you for turning them on to Pilgrim. For those of us in free states, I was told that Torch ammo has consistently been in stock ready to ship out to customers. Try carrying a Torch—you won’t be sorry.


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