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Brownells Uncensored & Uncensorable: How to Build an AR-15



Can’t stop the signal!

Fact: The First Amendment does not pertain to privately owned entities.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok … none of these social-media platforms are owned by the government, and therefore, they can censor whatever they want whenever they want. And boy, have they ever! We’ve had reports of Facebook removing posts and banning users for doing nothing more than posting photos of their gun collections, or (politely!) expressing disagreement with the Biden administration’s gun policies.

So, as Americans who understand how the Constitution works, Brownells has launched a new Internet resource to help customers learn how to build their own AR-15 rifles at home. Because Brownells owns the domain, they can host whatever speech or content they want. Hosted at, the new website features step-by-step, interactive videos professionally filmed in the famous Brownells video studio. Featuring Brownells Gun Tech Caleb Savant, the videos detail the AR-15 build process with easy-to-follow directions and expert advice.

Fact: The Second Amendment absolutely does pertain to private citizens. You.

“Several social media platforms have banned videos and other content showing how to build firearms,” said Brownells VP of Marketing Ryan Repp. “Because of Brownells’ long-time support of the Second Amendment and individual freedom, it made sense for us to create a professionally produced video and resource center to assist rifle builders of all skill levels make the rifle of their dreams in the comfort of their own home or workshop.”

The videos have an easy search button on the upper left-hand corner, allowing viewers to jump quickly to specific chapters to find the information they need. Titles include “How to Build Your AR Introduction,” “How to Build Your Lower,” and “How to Build Your Upper.” There is also a video on how to properly test fire and troubleshoot an AR-15 once it’s built.

In addition to the instructional videos, the site also hosts links to popular and in-stock parts, tools and accessories required to build an AR-15 rifle at home. To learn more, visit

Fact: They can’t stop the signal unless we let them.

It’s a bummer that the world’s most popular social-media sites don’t like the Second Amendment. But the truth is that they’re really only hurting themselves by standing against the deeply held beliefs of over half of their potential users. We here at Guns & Gadgets Daily will continue to do exactly as Brownells is doing–allowing you to speak your mind and hosting the information you need to make the best decisions for your own personal safety. They can’t stop the signal unless we let them.


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