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Out-of-the-Box Glocks: LaserMax Guide Rod Lasers For Gen 5 G17 & G34




LaserMax just came out with a new iteration of their famous Guide Rod Laser sighting system to go with the latest generation of Glocks: the Gen 5 17, 17 MOS and Gen 5 34 MOS. What makes this such great news for the average consumer is that it eliminates much of the usual fussing around one’s initial gun purchase—meaning the user can have a ready-to-go laser installed on their Glock the same day as delivery, with no new holsters or modifications necessary.

Let’s back up. Generally, the very first thing a new gun owner should do after unboxing is get the laser system they’ve selected installed. That’s because that laser is usually going to determine what kind of holster will fit the pistol—and because you really don’t want to go without a properly fitting holster, your new gun won’t be “pret a porter” until you’ve handled all of the above. And, depending on the laser, you might need to wait until your EDC rig has had the attention of a gunsmith. Not so with LaserMax Guide Rod Laser. It integrates directly into the gun, so it has the same profile as before. That means you can continue to use the same holster you had for your Glock Gen 5 (or any standard holster designed for that make and model). If you’ve already installed aftermarket grips, those can remain the same as well.

It also means that the consumer doesn’t have to worry about taking the pistol in to be worked on by a gunsmith. The way it works is that the Guide Rod laser replaces Glock’s factory recoil spring and guide rod assembly with a high intensity red or green laser sighting system. You can install it yourself without the need for gunsmithing or special tools, so your Glock can be back in your CCW rig immediately. The user can also program whether you’d prefer a pulse or a steady beam.

The Guide Rod Laser is every bit as robust as the factory Glock guide rod assembly. Crafted with rugged, precision components including aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel and recoil springs which meet or exceed original manufacturer’s specifications, this new product offering joins the already released Gen 5 19, 19 MOS, 19X, 45 Guide Rod Laser.

The distinct ambidextrous ON/OFF switch reinforces safe firearm handling, while an automatic time-out after 10 minutes prevents inadvertent battery drain. Because the LaserMax is so proximal to the gun’s bore, you’ll get maximum point of aim/point of impact accuracy…in fact, it’s guaranteed right out of the box.

Available now in both red and green laser offerings; red for $279 and green for $329. Click here for more.


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