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Father’s Day WIN: MTM Case-Gard Shotshell Box Caddy



This Sunday, I’ll be celebrating “Not-A-Father’s Day” in my own way…

Around about this time of year, after having purchased a present for my own father, I like to kick back and shop for a little something for myself…I like to call it my “Not-A-Father’s Day” gift. I think I’ve finally settled on the perfect piece of gear that’s been missing from my collection: an MTM Case-Gard Shotshell Box Caddy. Like all the best doodads, it’s one of those items that I existed just fine without for decades until I saw it, and now I’m already wondering what ever could have kept me going all those years without it. After all, who goes to the clay-games field with just one box of shells? Sure, you could put them in your pockets…if your pockets were stitched with rebar. Your shells pouch isn’t really meant to hold more than a couple of boxes, either. So that’s why I’m stoked for the Shotshell Box Caddy, which holds 100 rounds safely and securely.

The new made in the USA Shotshell Box Caddy grips four MTM shell stackers (included with purchase) or four 12 Ga. 2 ¾”-inch cardboard shell boxes. The Shotshell Box Caddy’s high-impact design keeps ammo out of dirt, mud, and other elements and comes standard with an extra strong, straight bar handle for easy full load carry and offers two 12 Ga. shell grippers for quick access for do-over shells. (Not that I ever need do-over shells, nosiree bob, not me.) The Shotshell Box Caddy also doubles as a perfect space for storing box lids or phones.

The best part is that it’s only $14.28, which means I’ll have plenty of money left over for range fees, shotshells, and gas money so Dad and I can enjoy a few rounds of sporting clays together this Sunday. Click here to purchase.


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