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Contact! Avidity Arms PD10 Defensive Pistol is Real After All



So beautiful … so beautiful … they should have sent a poet.

The rumors are true: The Avidity Arms PD10 exists, and it’s everything you hoped.

After many years, tantalizing sightings, and elusive clues, we finally have definitive proof that the rumors are true. No, it’s not Bigfoot; it’s the Avidity Arms PD10 pistol, and it’s shipping in February! The long-awaited defensive handgun is debuting for sale to retailers at the 2023 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show at the Davidson’s booth (Booth # 72317)—both skeptics and true believers alike are invited to see the hottest new release of the show, beginning January 17, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Avidity Arms PD10 is the first defensive handgun designed from the ground up by a defensive shooting instructor, Rob Pincus. After more than two decades’ experience, the Personal Defense Network™ founder developed the concept of a purpose-built carry pistol that addresses the needs of people who actually carry concealed guns for the defense of themselves or others.

What makes a perfect defensive handgun? “It boils down to carryability, shootability, and reliability,” says Pincus. “Most pistols compromise in a way that sacrifices at least one of those three far too much, but not the PD10. I believe that we have balanced out the compromises in the best way possible for the largest number of people.”

Carryability, of course, means that the gun must not be too large or too heavy to comfortably conceal. The PD10 accomplishes this with a surprisingly thin grip, holding a metal single-stack magazine that still boasts a 10+1 capacity for ample firepower.

Shootability means that the pistol makes it easier for a person to hit their target efficiently. A defensive gun must be simple and comfortable to use. It must be large enough to positively grip with all fingers for full control of the gun, and the controls need to be easy to manipulate safely. The contouring and ergonomics of the PD10’s slim grip ensure all of the above.

The Smooth Strike™ Trigger increases deviation control on first shots, while allowing rapid follow-ups after a short reset. The sights, also designed by Pincus, are an Ameriglo™ Claw rear with a wide notch, paired with a bright front square sight that includes a tritium insert as a standard feature. Lastly, the 4” barrel creates a weight balance that helps the shooter manage recoil.

Reliability comes standard with the PD10, which is 100% made in America, has no MIM Parts and is largely manufactured under one roof in North Carolina. The PD10 design has gone through multiple rounds of extensive durability testing, and has evolved into a pistol that you can rely on to defend yourself or those you care about. This striker-fired self-defense gun has a safety index point on the frame, so your trigger finger knows where to stay. A safety integrated trigger, firing pin block, and loaded chamber indicator round out the package. There is an option for an Optic Cut slide, with a footprint matching the Holosun 507K/EPS Carry and Shield RMSc.

The PD10 may not have had an easy path from Pincus’ first napkin sketches in 2013 to the Davidson’s booth at the 2023 SHOT Show, but the waiting is over. The first pistols in the line will ship in February … and the PD10 is poised to slip from a legendary campfire tale to a legendary self-defense firearm. Don’t miss Avidity Arms’ PD10, on display every day at Booth # 72317 from January 17 – 20, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Venetian Expo Center.


  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action: Semi-automatic/striker-fired
  • Capacity: 10+1
  • Barrel Length: 4″
  • Frame: Gray Polymer
  • Magazine: 10-round stainless steel 1911 body, proprietary follower, and polymer floor plate.
  • Sights: Steel, wide rear notch w/ front square
  • Claw rear sight
  • Optional slide cut version for red-dot optics with Holosun 507K/Shield RMSc
  • Aggressive rear slide serrations
  • Ergonomic, textured grip
  • Safety index point on frame for positioning of trigger finger
  • Safety: Integrated trigger, firing pin block
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Overall Length: 6.94″
  • Width at widest: 1″
  • Overall Weight: 18.8 oz.
  • ISONITE QPQ Coating
  • For more information, visit:


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