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Guns Save Lives: COVID-19 Home Invasion Edition



The criminals know you’re home, so they’re bringing back-up. Make sure you have yours, too.

One of the most disturbing trends we’ve noticed since the beginning of the nationwide COVID-19 quarantine is that, like hungry coyotes, the home invaders have begun to hunt in packs. That’s because they know that the stay-at-home orders mean that most homes have been occupied more or less 24/7–which significantly reduces their chances for felonious “success”–so they’ve taken to invading in force in an attempt to overpower the residents. The anti-gunners can sneer that the Second Amendment won’t protect us against a virus all they want, but the fact of the matter is that without their guns, these three homeowners probably would not have survived the quarantine.

1. Three Against One in Neptune Beach

Thanks to this armed resident’s Ring camera, we’re able to observe the fact that this home invasion was carefully planned as an attempt to “shock and awe” their would-be victim with an overwhelming show of force. The first point of interest is just how easily a single home invader broke the apartment door down–it takes him only three tries. That would have been the resident’s only warning that something was about to go very, very wrong. In those 10 seconds or so, however, he got what sounds like a pistol (maybe a 9mm from the reports) and fired five times. The result? One badly wounded invader, two arrests, and a homeowner who gets to live to fight another day.

2. Three Against One 17-Year-Old Resident

Every time the anti-gunners try to pass “safe storage” laws that criminalize families that allow trusted minors access to their firearms, I want you to remember this story out of Cobb County, Georgia. The home defender in this case was only 17 years old, but clearly his parents had made the correct decision in teaching him how to safely use a firearm and allowing him access to it. After all, how else could he possibly have triumphed against three home invaders (one of whom was only 16 years old himself)? Furthermore, I’d like to remind you that the 21-year-old home invader who died of his wounds will be counted as a “child victim of gun violence” the next time Bloomie decides to hold one of his public pity-parties.

3. Two Against One in Oklahoma

These two home invaders got very, very lucky: The shotgun-wielding homeowner they were trying to rob missed. Because of that, they managed to survive the acute failure in their victim-selection process that led them to try breaking into this particular home. Although this self-defense shooting is cut-and-dried, there are some interesting points to note for the home defender. First, note that the two burglars had already stolen a number of items from the homeowner’s outbuildings…but they didn’t just grab their ill-gotten gains and get out while the getting was good. Instead, they began trying to break into the home even though they had every reason to believe the resident was there. They simply figured that with two on one, they could overpower him. Wrong.

As the Coronavirus quarantine restrictions are lifted state-by-state, I expect that the number of home invasions will increase sharply. The sharp economic downturn that has occurred in the last eight weeks is likely to lead to more property crimes, and the fact that many Americans are returning to work and leaving their homes empty for eight hours a day will make those crimes easier for criminals to commit. It looks like the criminals are bringing backup with them these days…so make sure you have yours, too.





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