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GRR: American Tactical’s New Bull-Dog Shotgun



Dear Baha Men: The answer to your question is “American Tactical,” that’s WHO, WHO, WHO.

“Just get a dog!” That’s the advice that we home defenders have been ignoring for decades, but today we’ll accede that American Tactical‘s Bull-Dog is one tough puppy that armed citizens everywhere can trust to guard their demesne. After all, when it comes to sheer knockdown power we can all agree that there is no substitute for a 12-gauge shotgun (well, except for maybe a 10-gauge shotgun). The only trouble with shotguns as home-defense tools is that they tend to have long barrels that make them unwieldy to carry in the relatively tight spaces inside a home…but like the stalwart pooch from which it gets its name, the Bull-Dog’s aggressive power comes in a very compact package indeed.

The Turkish-made Bull-Dog is a spare 26 inches long (and 18.5 of those inches are the barrel). Designed with the cool look and modular functionality of the AR-15, it wears a Picatinny rail system that allows you to use an extra magazine as a foregrip if you choose. It also offers removable adjustable open sights, so you don’t need to worry about mounting an optic right away. There’s also an adjustable cheek rest, a refinement you generally don’t find on defensive shotguns, and an AR-15-style charging handle.

Unlike a purebred bulldog, however, the Bull-Dog Shotgun is available at an extremely reasonable price. Because American Tactical sources high-quality firearms from all over the world (in addition to manufacturing some right here in the U.S.), they’re able to offer this scattergun for an MSRP of $499–which means you’ll be able to find it at dealers for significantly less. It comes with a five-round magazine and three choke tubes. Click here for more!


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