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Gun Valuation – Is Rifle Repair Worth the Money?



So, you own an old rifle which is broken. You want to use it but you don’t know if you should go with a replacement or the repair of your valuable gun.

In other words, how to judge if a rifle repair is worth the money is a difficult task. The decision is definitely a daunting one. But if you have the right knowledge and information then you can make a choice that will worth every penny. However, the foremost thing is to determine your rifle’s value. That being said, we don’t mean the age of your rifle. The value of your rifle is not determined by its age but the rarity, condition, desirability to collectors and provenance. All of this impact your rifle’s value.

Indeed, before you visit the gunsmith and get charged for the repairs, here are some guidelines to make a right decision. These considerations will help you in sorting out the modifications that worth the money from the ones which don’t.

So, let’s discuss this detail.

Think Small

If your modifications are small then there seems to be no harm in following your desire of rifle repair. Indeed, it is a good idea to consider. This means that the cost of your rifle repair falls under $100 or $200. This is an ordinary repair cost and worth the price. This repair will also include the proper cleaning of semi-autos, replacing recoil pads with the ones that take up recoil, lengthening and shortening stocks, and replacing and adjusting triggers. Nonetheless, this is a deal you should not think much about and go for it right away!


Incidental Work

One way for rifle repair is not to undergo a complete overhaul, but you can always go with the repair of some specifics. You will be glad as you make this decision. Some gunsmiths can really do a magnificent job in fixing the specifics of your gun and making it more valuable.

For instance, if you own a .25/06 Savage Model 110 Tactical Rifle, you may find it highly accurate. But with this gun, it is common to compromise over its appearance, especially with time. The ugly black stock or the old-styled Savage trigger, all of this can be replaced with a professional goldsmith. You may restore the stock and trigger, such as with fiberglass material. And just these two components can give you an excellent stock and trigger. Your rifle will have a lot better appearance than before and with the same shooting accuracy.

Extensive Work

If your rifle requires extensive work, particularly if your rifle is old, this must be thought out carefully. That is if your rifle is inaccurate, then spending money on it will not change it into an accurate gun. There are numerous accurate guns available out there and if your rifle does not shoot accurately, it’s better to sell it off.

So, accept the dings and scars on your rifle as a badge of honor and leave it as it is. It is not worth the cost to redo an old inaccurate rifle. Regardless, you own that rifle for a long time or if it holds sentimental value to you, the rifle repair will not increase its value for a collector. But if you just want to enhance the appearance of your valuable rifle, then just go right ahead.

Your Rifle Repair Impacts Its Value

Whenever, you decide to go with a rifle repair, you must remember that these restorations impact the overall value of the gun, especially rifles. From simple cleaning to specific repair, every decision will create a disparity in your gun’s value. If your rifle has low intrinsic value, or even it has been mass-produced with the help of latest manufacturing processes, your ultimate rifle repair decision will be guided by your use of the gun.

With that, you must not forget that taking a wrong decision for your rifle repair may cost a fortune. In case of making a wrong decision, if your rifle repairs are not worth the money, you will not only compromise the value of your rifle but you will have to incur heavy repair cost. The poor decision can turn out in some heart-breaking costly results.

It is frequent to observe that many repaired rifles lose their authenticity or the value that they hold in their original condition. Maybe your rifle won’t cost a fortune once you make modifications to it. So, before you make the rifle repair decision, do consider all the things that we have discussed in this article. All of this is important to make a right rifle repair judgment.


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