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Can You Repair a Broken Gun Stock?



A busted gun stock does not mean the end of your gun. But yes, it is definitely heart-wrenching. Especially when your gun is expensive and has been a part of your shooting experience for years.

However, for hunters and people associated with shooting sports, they must hold adequate knowledge about how to repair a broken gun stock. Sometimes, these repairs add a little bit extra character to your gun and a few scars show that your gun has stories to tell.

Now for your assistance, here is what you need to do to repair the gun stock easily.

Step #1 – Remove Broken Stock

The first foremost step is to remove the stock. This way you won’t damage the bluing and metal of your gun. So, remove the butt plate. Here you must see the mounting bolt’s bolt hole. You can remove this bolt by using a flat-head, long-handled screwdriver. However, once this bolt is taken off, you can easily pull the stock from its mounted position.

Step #2 – Remove Wrapping And Tape

Now remove the wrapping or any tape that might be attached to the stock. To repair the gun stock, carefully clean the area that needs to be repaired. For this, you can make use of a finish safe remover, old rag or solvent. However, follow the instructions of the solvent you are using. Before you continue repairing the gun stock, first let the area dry completely.

Step #3 – Set And Clamp Broken Piece

In this step, the foremost thing is to be sure that the broken piece is set in a correct position. Place the piece in its exact location by using a glue or wood glue, specifically. Place the clamp right on its area immediately and tighten it as much as required without breaking the wood. However, as stated earlier, whenever you are using a solvent or any kind of glue, don’t forget to follow the provided instructions to get the best results.

Moreover, give adequate time to allow drying; otherwise, the sticking element will not be powerful or long-lasting. As you clamp it, let the area dry for at least 24 hours. Once the glue is completely dried, carefully take off the excess glue which usually extends throughout the drying process.

Step #4 – Drill Pilot Hole

Once the area is dried, now drill a slightly smaller pilot hole. The hole must be smaller than the diameter of the wire brad nails. Make this hole on each side of the break or crack. Moreover, drill deep enough so that you can get to the good wood easily. But don’t drill too much as this might sink the nail completely. For now, you must let a small nail portion to stick out of the hole.

Step #5 – Insert Nails

This is the final step to repair a gun stock. Place some amount of glue on both brad nails. Now push them into the pilot holes slowly. Following the previous point direction, let a small nail portion stick out of the hole. Once the glue is dried, you may cut off the portion using wire cutters. File them down using a metal file. Also, be careful and don’t damage the wood. As you complete this step, now go back to Step one and reattach the gun stock. Also, make sure that the molten bolt is tightened thoroughly.

All of these are just simple and easy steps to repair the gun stock. Follow these steps thoroughly and without missing any of the steps, to receive the best results. Before you start with the repair of the gun stock, make sure you have all the essentials that you will need during this repair process.

Useful Considerations

You may use the same repairing process to repair the small cracks in your gun stock. Also, as you use the clamp, place a cloth or a protective rag between the clamp and the wood to prevent the damage. However, you must be careful in using the glue. Make sure you apply it on the area that needs to be repaired and remove the excess glue later on.

However, you must be careful in repairing the gun stock. Just like any other repair involving a gun, make sure the gun is unloaded before you handle it. While you can easily repair the busted gun stock by using the above-mentioned steps, the repair procedure works best for most simple breaks or cracks.

If you observe a severe damage to the woods or if the damage interferes with the operation or safety of the gun, then your best bet is to take it to a professional gunsmith for its repair.


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