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Your Dad Wants a Real Avid Gun Tool CORE-AR15



You know that Tim Allen “hrr hrr hrr”? I’m making that noise right now.

Mother’s Day is behind us, and Father’s Day isn’t going to be as easy as a dozen white roses. If you want to know what your dad wants for his special day, I have the answer for you. Dad wants a Real Avid Gun Tool CORE-AR15. How do I know this? Well, despite the fact that I’m not a father–as far as I know, anyway–my own father passed down this ancient wisdom to me: It is simply not possible for one man to own too many multi-tools. It’s everything you want in a multi-tool, all in a compact pocket-sized package so it can stay in Dad’s pocket in case of any range-time or rainy-day need.

Don’t worry; this multi-tool won’t cause any other multi-tools in your Dad’s collection to fall out of favor. It’s not for plumbers, electricians, farmers, or even The Scouting Institution That Used To Be All About Boys. As the name implies, Gun Tool CORE – AR15 is all about core AR15 function.

The unique and practical design packs six different tools into a folding metal frame: a bolt scraper, carrier and firing-pin scraper, cord cutter and bottle opener, bolt override and scope turret adjuster, takedown punch and A2 front-sight adjuster. All six tools tuck into the frame and when folded out, lock in place.

The front sight adjuster and take-down pin punch are cleverly designed as a folding assembly. The take-down punch is the anchor for the folding and locking assembly. The front sight tool fits over the take down punch and attaches to the threaded base of the punch. The entire assembly seamlessly folds into the tool frame and provides carabiner like function to be able to hang the tool from a belt loop or MOLLE Strap without drawing attention. The heart and soul of Gun Tool CORE are 2 different carbon scrapers that effectively remove burnt carbon from 12 different bolt carrier group surfaces. Each scraper precisely fits every mil-spec dimension of the bolt carrier group surfaces including firing pin, bolt face, bolt waist, bolt lugs, boat tail and inside the bolt carrier itself.

Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer said, “We designed The Gun Tool CORE-AR15 to be the ideal tool for performing the most critical ‘keep shooting’ tasks on your AR15 without being bulky. This a compact but hard-core tool. We’ve all had “Oh Crap’ moments that end a day at the range. Many of us own AR15’s because of how much fun they are to shoot, or because we want to be armed and ready for bad situations that come our way uninvited. Regardless of why someone owns an AR15, they want it to function every time they need to shoot. Gun Tool CORE is for that gun owner.”

So if Dad needs or wants to be able to clear jams, remove carbon from the bolt-carrier group, make sight adjustments on the fly, or just pop the cap on a cold one when the shooting’s done, here’s the Father’s Day gift he actually wants. MSRP $39.99; click here to get Real Avid!



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