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Federal Ammunition Shooters Kick Butt, Take Names (& So Can You)



When you absolutely, positively must have the ultimate in accuracy and terminal performance…

When the top tier of professional shooters insists on using Federal Ammunition to excel in their chosen sport, I sit up and take notice…because trends at the pinnacle of performance tend to trickle down to home defenders and more casual shooters everywhere. Today’s news worth sitting up for comes from the world of competitive shooting…and that world is currently having its butt politely and professionally kicked by Federal’s sponsored shooters. When I say “world,” I mean it; the butt-kicking that Federal Ammunition’s shooters is international and includes both long-distance precision shooting and more practical, self-defense-oriented disciplines as well. Today, I have a tale of three professional shooters, three professional shooting disciplines, and three people whose arms are full of both shooting trophies and the names they’ve collected while kicking butt.

It starts with Gregory Ferguson of Fort Morgan, Colorado, who had an amazing JR Gold performance at the Grand American, which is a trap-shooting competition. Using Top Gun from Federal Ammunition, Ferguson broke 1,200 of 1,200 16-yard targets and was perfect in eight individual events, including winning the JR Gold AIM Championship and World Singles Championship.

Next, we have Casey Reed, who is an ammunition engineer at Federal and competitive IPSC shooter. IPSC stands for “International Practical Shooting Confederation,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: practical shooting, the discipline most closely related to the interests of home- and self-defenders. Reed placed among the world’s best at the IPSC European Handgun Championships held in Belgrade, Serbia this past September. The event was host to more than 1,000 athletes and presented twenty-four challenging stages at a special Serbian military base. Reed shoots Syntech Action Pistol 40 S&W, 205 grain in competition because it meets the power factor requirements for USPSA and IPSC competitions, while providing reduced felt recoil for faster follow-up shots.

Reed placed fourth overall in the Standard Division of the Championships behind competitors from the Phillippines and a fellow American. “The European Handgun Championship brings in the best competitors across the world to compete,” said Reed. “I appreciate the opportunity to compete and place amongst the best in the world, as well as represent Federal Ammunition and the United States. I hope to compete in the next one in 2023.”

Lastly, Hunter Sykes placed third in the PRS Federal Gold Medal Match Open Division held in Carbon Hill, Alabama held September 13, 2019. If you’re not familiar with PRS, the acronym stands for “Precision Rifle Series,” and it’s also exactly what it sounds like–a long-distance precision discipline. It’s one of the hottest fields in the shooting sports right now. In tough competitions where performance and precision are measured in thousands of a second, Sykes relies on Gold Medal primers (GM205) for his handloads. A gold standard for primers, Gold Medal primers are built with exacting tolerances and strict quality ensuring shooters high quality components to build ammunition they can trust.

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