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CZ Introduces New Line of Rimfire Rifles



Tactical, Schmactical. Sometimes all you want is a fun little rimfire…

Most gun manufacturers save their big product launches for the large trade shows, such as the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT), but this year CZ has chosen to break with that tradition in a big way with a new line of 457 rimfire rifles. It might seem counterintuitive, given today’s landscape dotted with big modern sporting rifles and teeny-tiny CCW guns, but sometimes all you want is a fun, well-made little rimfire. The family of rifles incorporates feedback from customers and shooting coaches to boost their shootability and safety.

The big change is that all new 457s now feature an American-style push-to-fire safety–something Hunter Education instructors and 4-H shooting coaches had asked CZ-USA to change. Now, rimfire practice and training with the CZ 457 will mimic and reinforce the safety use on other American-style centerfire and rimfire rifles.

Meanwhile, CZ-USA also tweaked several smaller features on the CZ 457 line. To make these rifles a bit more comfortable in hand, the actions have been trimmed back nearly 1 inch in length, and slab-sided to reduce the footprint and weight of the actions.

To improve shooting with a scope mounted on the 457s, CZ-USA ditched the 90-degree bolt rotation of the past in favor of 60-degree rotation. This change provides more room between bolt handle and scope for easier cycling of rounds. It also allows for the use of scopes with larger ocular bell diameters and lower ring heights.

To top it all off, there’s no need to buy an expensive after-market trigger with the CZ 457 family of rimfires. The 457s now feature a trigger adjustable for weight, creep and overtravel, so the trigger can be fine-tuned for each shooter. At the same time, the 457 family retains the exact same swappable barrel system as the 455 and the same reliable polymer magazine system.

Other features include a detachable magazine system (5, 10, 25 and single-shot adapter available in. 22 LR), and a hardy nitride finish that stands up to hard use in the field. For ease of optics mounting, an 11mm dovetail is milled right into the receiver. And, stocks can be interchanged among the various 457 rimfires to better fit individual shooters.

Without a doubt, the new 457 Family of Rimfires is best rimfire platform CZ-USA has ever fielded.

New for 2019 457 Models include:

CZ 457 VARMINT MTR – MTR stands for “Match Target Rifle,” and the chamber on this 457 Varmint is cut to the tightest specifications to perform impressively well with top-tier ammo. The Turkish walnut stock has a vertical grip with a comfortable palm swell and laser stippling for texture. A large, flat forend has dual QD studs for running a bipod and a sling; wrap-around stippling provides exceptional grip for the forward hand.

  • SKU: 02345
  • Cal: 22 LR.
  • Stock/finish: Walnut/nitride
  • MSRP: $752

CZ 457 VARMINT – The standard heavy-barreled version of the 457, the Varmint has a .866″ cylindrical barrel. The Varmint performs well with a wide variety of rimfire loads, translating into an accurate platform for shooting targets or getting game. The Turkish walnut stock has an American-style comb for use with a scope and a wide, flat forend that rides a sandbag well. Laser-cut stippling gives grip fore and aft.


  • SKU: 02340, 02342, 02341
  • Cal: 22 LR, 17 HMR, 22 WMR.
  • Stock/Finish: Walnut/Nitride
  • MSRP: $522, $542, $542

CZ 457 VARMINT PRECISION TRAINER SUPPRESSOR-READY – The Precision Trainer was designed to provide the same look and feel like a full-size tactical rifle while allowing for more economical training. The Manners carbon-fiber composite stock anchors a rock-solid platform and is finished in a three-color camouflage pattern. The tapered Varmint barrel is threaded 1/2×28 for a suppressor. A paper-puncher with surgical precision.

  • SKU: 02356, 02338, 02358 (non-threaded)
  • Cal: 22 LR.
  • Stock/Finish: Camo carbon fiber composite/nitride.
  • MSRP: $1,144

CZ 457 PRO VARMINT SUPPRESSOR-READY – The Pro Varmint has a heavy 16.5″ barrel threaded 1/2×28 for use with a suppressor or other muzzle device. The black-painted laminate stock incorporates features found on much more expensive stocks without pushing the price of the rifle through the roof. The short barrel gives plenty of time for the cartridge to get a full burn while increasing the rigidity of the barrel. Result: tack-driving accuracy. Quietly.

  • SKU: 02359
  • Cal: 22 LR.
  • Stock/Finish: Black painted laminate/nitride.
  • MSRP: $588

CZ 457 VARMINT AT-ONE® – Using the popular Boyd’s AT-ONE® stock, this 457 Varmint variant makes an ideal trainer for the whole family. With the push of a button, length of pull can be adjusted from 12.5″ to 14.25″. Comb height is similarly adjustable, with 5/8″ of rise available. The stiff laminate stock provides a nice, rigid platform, while the 16.5″ threaded heavy barrel makes fitting a suppressor easy.


  • SKU: 02365, 02366
  • Cal: 22 LR.
  • Stock/Finish: Nutmeg laminate/nitride
  • MSRP: $660

CZ 457 LUX – Designed in the European style, the Lux has a hogback stock fashioned from Turkish walnut, with a cheekpiece and comb ideal for use with its crisp iron sights. Like all 457s, features an 11mm dovetail for mounting optics. It can be quickly and easily swapped to a different chambering with the addition of a second barrel set (sold at CZ-USA webstore). One 5-round magazine is included.


  • SKU: 02301, 02303, 02302
  • Cal: 22 LR, 17 HMR, 22 WMR.
  • Stock/Finish: Walnut/Nitride
  • MSRP: $499, $522, $522

CZ 457 TRAINING RIFLE – An ideal rifle for introducing youth to the shooting sports, the 457 Training Rifle is famous among rimfire competitors. The Training Rifle has a 24.8″ barrel, tangent rear sight (adjustable for distance) and beechwood stock with Schnabel forend. With its long sight radius and the crisp iron sights, the Training Rifle is a favorite in open-sight Rimfire Sporter competition. Shipped with a 5-round magazine; single-shot adapters and 10-round magazines are available.


  • SKU: 02300
  • Cal: 22 LR
  • Stock/finish: Beechwood/nitride
  • MSRP: $449

CZ 457 AMERICAN – The classic American-style rimfire rifle, this gorgeous 457 has a 24.8″ barrel with no sights and is meant for a quality scope, which is easy to do thanks to the 11mm dovetail for scope rings milled into the top of its receiver. The Turkish walnut stock has a high, flat comb and a classic checkering pattern.


  • SKU: 02310, 02312, 02311
  • Cal: 22 LR, 17 HMR, 22 WMR.
  • Stock/Finish: Walnut/Nitride
  • MSRP: $476, $496, $496

CZ 457 SCOUT – Built to be an ideal first gun for young shooters, the Scout has a short 12″ length of pull. With simple leaf rear sight and blade front (rear adjustable for windage, front for elevation), learning the basics of sight picture has never been easier. 11mm dovetails on the receiver make adding a scope a breeze. Own a suppressor? The muzzle on the rifle is threaded 1/2×28. As young shooters outgrow the short stock, a full-sized stock from CZ-USA is easily added.

  • SKU: 02335
  • Cal: 22 LR.
  • Stock/Finish: Beechwood/Nitride
  • MSRP: $365


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