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SIG SAUER P365 Pistol Now Available With Manual Safety



When in doubt, UTFM (Use The Manual)

Because not everybody’s comfortable without a manual…

When SIG SAUER first released its P365 semi-auto pistol way back in January 2018, the roar of pleased acclaim from law enforcement and armed citizens alike was deafening. This slim, dainty handgun, purpose-built for concealed carry, features an innovative double-stack magazine that fields a remarkable 10+1 or 12+1 capacity in a microcompact pistol. It shoots beautifully, offers tremendous shot-to-shot reliability, and it’s perfect for your everyday carry (EDC). There’s only one thing that was “missing,” and that was an external manual safety mechanism. And as of right now, it’s not missing anymore:The award-winning everyday carry, high capacity, P365 pistol with Manual Safety (P365-MS) is now shipping and available in retail stores.

It’s my guess that, right at this moment, about half of you readers are taking exception with the word “missing,” and the other half are taking exception with the scare quotes I put around it. Of course, the question of whether or not a CCW firearm should or should not have a manual safety is and will remain one of the hottest topics of debate in pro-gun circles. For the purposes of this article, I’m just going to remain agnostic on the subject and note that, depending on an individual’s comfort level, circumstances, and local laws, some folks are better served with a manual safety while others aren’t. It’s that former group that should be sitting up and taking notice.

That’s because, if the lack of a manual safety was the stumbling block for you, it’s now been removed…revealing a truly innovative concealed-carry-specific pistol. This P365 micro-compact is smaller and lighter than other pistols in its class and features a high-capacity, patented modified double-stack magazine for a 10+1 full-size capacity, with 12-round magazine for a 12+1 capacity. The P365-MS variant includes all the features of the original award-winning P365 with the addition of an ambidextrous manual safety. The Massachusetts compliant variant of the P365-MS will be available and shipping to retailers in June.

The P365 Manual Safety Specs:

Total length: 5.8” Barrel length: 3.1” Weight (incl. magazine):18 oz.
Height: 4.3” Width:1.1” Sight radius: 4.9”

Complete product specs and information on the SIG SAUER P365-MS are available at


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