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Coronavirus Crisis: 3 Silver Linings for Second Amendment Supporters



It’s a lovely quarantine Friday, and it’s time for some real good news.

The global Coronavirus pandemic is already changing the landscape for supporters of the Second Amendment, and it’s quite likely that many of those changes will persist for years (if not decades) to come. It’s hard to think in terms of “good news” when people are frightened and losing their jobs, but the fact of the matter is that this, too, shall pass…and as it does, it will bring positive changes for all of us. In fact, it’s already beginning. Here are three silver linings shining bright with hope around the edges of those storm clouds.

1. It’s going to be a good long time before there’s another &*$@!!@ mass shooting.

This might seem like a bitter joke–and maybe it is, a little–but for the next few weeks it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see another horrific mass shooting. After all, right now there are no “masses” of people anywhere. However, there’s absolutely reason to believe that even after the quarantine orders are lifted, we will see a significant reduction in that type of murder. Those of us who were adults on September 11, 2001 remember that there was a long period of general goodwill in which Americans were genuinely kinder to one another afterwards. I believe that we can expect that same phenomenon to take place here in which America is united against a common enemy…a virus.

2. America’s Second Amendment “Fence-sitters” are getting off the fence.

There is absolutely nothing like being told that the doors of your local jails have been opened at the exact same time that the gun stores are being closed to bring some important points home. It’s important to remember that many Americans are “low-information voters.” It’s not that they’re dumb or that they don’t care; it’s that as 21st-century Americans we’re all very busy and constantly bombarded with information that actually doesn’t affect us directly. Now, the importance of the individual right to keep and bear arms has been demonstrated in an absolutely irrefutable way. When our emergency response system is overwhelmed by sick people trying to care for and protect other sick people, we all have to be our own emergency protection.

The “fence-sitters” are learning something else, right now, too. The first thing the anti-gunners did as the crisis began evolving was to close the gun stores wherever they could. The message that we’ve been sending for decades–that the gun-grabbers really mean it and will exploit any opportunity to violate the 2A–has now been proven.

3. There are going to be some great sales coming down the pike.

Oh, not right now–right now, we’re seeing a repeat of the hoarding and shortages of firearms and ammunition that we saw happening in the months surrounding Barack Obama’s election. Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” is raising those prices so fast I’m getting a nosebleed over here.

But here’s what happens every time there’s a shortage. The manufacturers, pushed by that same invisible hand, will ramp up production as soon as it’s remotely possible…and eventually, that causes prices to drop. What’s more, many of them will start offering sales as soon as their workers are able to return to the manufacturing facilities and warehouses so they can recoup as much loss as possible immediately.

Here’s a promise from everyone here at Guns & Gadgets Daily (as well as our sister sites, Freedom’s Lodge and Popular Outdoorsman): When those sales come, we’ll know about it first…and we’ll tell you how to make the most of them.


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