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Why a $500 Pistol Really Costs You $1,000 Or More!



When you are going to buy a gun, you have to keep it in mind that there are other costs involved than just that involved with the gun itself. Becoming a legitimate owner of a gun involves a lot of responsibility and that is why a $500 pistol costs you $1,000 or more!

Additional Costs Come With Owning a Pistol

Whenever you are going to buy a gun for the first time, it is important for you to note that there will be additional costs involved on top of the basic cost of the firearm you will be purchasing. That is why before you head on to the local gun shop to purchase your firearm, it is better for you to do a bit of budgeting first and then keep your expenditure around that budget to the best possible degree. You will also need to keep a check on exactly how much you can spare to spend on the various gun accessories as well as the training that you will need to go through in order to learn how to properly use your gun. There is a lot more to it than one would initially think and that is why a $500 pistol really costs you $1,000 or more.


Now, if you really are getting into it and are serious about owning a firearm, you cannot go about it without hiring the services of a professional instructor who will teach you the basics of operating a firearm at the very least. A lot of the stores that you will go to in order to purchase firearms actually happen to have professional instructors on site.

If you cannot find them at the store you want to purchase a firearm from, you can find many in your area using internet directories. This is very important to any first time gun owner. You really need to go through the proper training process in order to be able to responsibly handle a firearm before you can bring it home with you.

Depending on the level of training you require and the expertise of the trainer, this will be one of the most expensive additional costs that come with the purchase of a firearm. The need of proper training also legitimizes why a $500 pistol really costs you $1,000 or more.


Then comes the aspect of storage. For the proper storage of a gun on person or at home, you start off with a good quality holster. Most of the shops where you purchase firearms from have a vast array of good quality holsters to choose from.

One thing that happens more often than we assume is that the first holster you buy for your weapon might not be the one that you will be using for a long period of time. Different holsters provide varying comfort levels for the gun owners and it boils down to a compromise between what is the popular choice for gun owners and the gun owner’s own preferences based on experience.

Safe For Home Storage

One of the most difficult aspects of owning a firearm is keeping it in a secure manner in your residence. Keeping your firearm away from children avoiding any unwarranted access to the firearm is of the utmost importance. Safety locks on guns are a no brainer but you might also want to look into the different kinds of safes available in the market for usage at home.

You will find a big variety of safes from the most simplistic to the exotic ranging from simple key locked safes to biometric scanner safes which require fingerprints to open them. Depending on the need for safety in storing your firearm, you should spend on the kind of safe that will provide the adequate storage at your home – another significant but necessary reason why a $500 pistol costs $1,000 or more.

Going To the Range

Of course once you have your gun, you also need to learn how to use it properly. Hopefully, the situation you are in will not involve you having to use your firearm frequently but you need to be prepared to take up the responsibility when you do need to use it. That is why gun ranges exist. There are different fees for gun ranges but for the most part, gun ranges offer reasonable rates.

The gun ranges will charge you to use their space and facilities by the hour. Some gun ranges offer you the usage of their facilities without prior reservation while others require some sort of reservation procedures. It all depends on the gun ranges available in your area so you should check out the gun ranges in your vicinity on the internet and frequent the one that offers the most suitable package for you.


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