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BREAKING NEWS: Mike Bloomberg Loves Dick’s



A standing Dick’s hath no conscience.

The embattled retailer seems to have slid right into Everytown For Gun Safety with ease.

Today, in “how the Hell did I miss this when it first happened” news, we have the following information, courtesy of Breitbart: Apparently Dick’s Sporting Goods Richard Stack has joined Everytown Business Leaders For Gun Safety. As you probably already know, EBLFGS is a subsidiary of Everytown For Gun Safety, which is former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Astroturf organization that pushes gun control. And now Dick’s is shoving itself right in there dry…and Bloomberg can’t get enough of it!

As you no doubt remember, a little over a year ago some greasy doorknob decided that he’d like to get famous by shooting up the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. From that moment, Dick’s has been just dripping with desire to drive as many gun owners away from their doors as possible. It’s working: The company lost $150 million in 2018 alone, as their sales went soft and flaccid without sportsmen to help hold them up.

Although Dick’s drooping sales numbers and share prices continue to decorate their shareholder reports like so many suspicious blisters, it seems that CEO Dick Stack is enjoying the warm, moist welcome of Bloomberg. According to this article from

“In fact, Stack is doing even more to get behind his company’s efforts last year. He, along with a handful of other CEOs, on Monday signed onto a letter sent to Congress in support of the HR8 background check bill. Background checks are something ‘both sides of the aisle can get behind it [SIC],’ Stack said.”

I don’t know about you, dear GGD readers, but I personally hope Dick’s stays well away from my behind…although Bloomberg seems to have no such qualms. After all, there’s no gun control measure that Bloomberg doesn’t love. So given that Dick’s has removed and destroyed all of their modern sporting rifles, raised the age for purchasing long guns from 18 to 21, and then had its CEO sign off on a bill that would criminalize all private sales, I think it’s fair to say that Mike Bloomberg is loving Dick’s right now.

Will Bloomberg’s anti-gun group continue to welcome Dick’s into its warm folds? Almost certainly, as long as Dick’s stands up against the Second Amendment. Will Bloomberg continue to swallow Dick’s rhetoric…the mark of true love? We’re betting yes!




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