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Benefits Of the Often Ignored Ankle Holster



If you browse through internet looking for the best holster for your gun, you’ll come across recommendations for almost all kinds of gun holsters except ankle holster. There are reasons because of which ankle holsters are mostly forgotten, but there also reasons because of which they shouldn’t be forgotten. People have mostly begun to prefer kidney holsters and appendix carry holster over shoulder holster rig, a mid back belt holster and little too much ignored ankle holster.

A gun needs to be concealed at all times, and all the fashions of holsters that the policemen have ever worn have had their benefits and downsides. However, ankle rig seems to have been brushed away by most of the people who carry a concealed revolver. According to them an ankle rig is not “quite practical” for today’s world.

Here we discuss the use and benefits of ankle holster just to highlight the fact that ankle holster isn’t that useless and outdated.

The Most Common Argument

The most common argument that people give against the ankle holsters is that they take too much time to draw a gun out of them. You don’t necessarily have enough time. Holsters need to give quick access to the concealed carry in all the situations.

The fact that people mostly ignore is that no type of holster provides a quick access to your gun. It’s the infinite practice that makes a cop’s draw smooth and quick. It’s the number of times you’ve drawn your gun out of the holster you wear that makes you swift and proficient at this move. Cops say that at start it’s always difficult to draw your gun out from any type of holster. Gradually with practice your muscle memory gets used to the drawing of gun from its holster and you get perfect at it.

The Flamingo Draw

People who criticize wearing an ankle rig say that you have to bend down to reach the holster. Otherwise they say you have to lift your leg up balancing yourself on one foot like a flamingo to make the draw. That’s true, but this move can easily be mastered, and it has been mastered by many.

It‘s not advised to go for the flamingo draw on snow or slippery ground obviously. If that’s the situation you will have to quickly bend down to draw your gun. Also, the draw can easily be made in a slightly bend down position. You don’t have to sit down on the ground and then draw your gun.

The Benefits of Ankle Holsters

The most ignorant thing these anti ankle holsters do is that they completely omit the fact that how convenient it is to reach for your gun in your ankle holster when you’re sitting in a car, or at restaurant. Your gun is merely six inches away from you. You can easily get in control of a carjacking situation or of an armed robber.

Another advantage of wearing ankle holster is that you get a clean, low and stable shooting platform or you can say shooting angle. That’s when you make the draw bend on one knee and shoot in the same position. Also, you’ll have an upper hand over your opponent if you’re ever knocked down and you’re engaged in a fight or a struggle.

Ankle Holsters And Blisters

Some people complain that they get blisters from wearing ankle holster as it rubs against their leg pretty hard. They also say that carrying a concealed gun on your ankle affects their walk. Even then cops used to wear ankle holsters all the time a few years back from now. The trick is to find proper nylon wraparounds. Usually they’re available in sheepskin padding and wearing them with your ankle holster does not give you any blisters.

One thing more that needs to be kept in mind is that you should never wear an ankle holster without a thumb break. That way you’ll never lose your gun while running or chasing a bad guy around. Thumb break makes sure your concealed carry is safe while you’re on the move.

It’s true that when you start wearing an ankle holster, you’ll have to get used to walking with its weight on your leg. But that doesn’t mean ankle holsters are good for nothing, or that they’re the most wasted kind of holsters. The case in point is that all the gun holsters demand your muscles and reflexes to get used to them, and ankle holster is no exception to this fact as well. And practice is what you need to master your draw from any type of holster.


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