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New Shooters: Use AXIL XP Defender Ear Plugs OR GO DEAF LIKE ME



Pardon me if I raise my voice: YOU SHOULD TRY AXIL’S XP DEFENDER EAR PLUGS. Why am I shouting like that? Well, according to the FBI’s NICS background-check data, there may be as many as five million new gun owners in America as of right now. Many of those five million don’t understand just how real noise-induced hearing loss is, so I’m here to tell them that. Very loudly, because I’m deaf as a post.

What I love about the AXIL XP Defender plugs is that they’re super comfortable, so you can just “set it and forget it.” Simply insert these little ear plugs in your ears then leave the valve open or closed. The “closed” mode is basically what you expect from earplugs…all sounds will be muffled. Excuse me, ALL SOUNDS WILL BE MUFFLED.

If you leave the valve open, you’ll hear sound clearly and naturally—almost as if your ears aren’t even plugged. If a sudden loud noise happens, the Dynamic Mesh Filtering System™ will automatically screen those sounds out, protecting your hearing. Normally, the sophisticated system that allows this kind of noise filtering to happen winds up hitting your pocketbook almost as hard as those decibels want to hit your ears. Not so with the AXIL XP Defender plugs, which come in at a very reasonable $35. A small price for NOT HAVING TO SHOUT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Specifications: 33 dB noise reduction against loud impulse sounds in Open Position; 16 dB NRR hearing protection against general loud sounds in Open Position; 22 dB NRR hearing protection in Closed Position

AXIL’s XP Defender plugs come in small, medium, large, and extra large; each order automatically defaults to two sets of tips in the medium and large size (since that’s what most people use). However, you can select the small or XL size at checkout if you need them. The plugs are constructed of medical grade, non-allergenic material; they’re washable and (of course) reusable. I SAID, THEY’RE REUSABLE. MSRP $35; GOAXIL.COM

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