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Walk Tall: CrossBreed Holsters’ Long-Awaited Chest Rig



Want it for hunting season? Put your order in now…

The good news: CrossBreed Holsters‘ new The Chest Rig open-carry system, one of the most hotly anticipated pieces of gear this year, is here! The bad news: Well, there really isn’t any bad news, but the demand for this top-quality chest-carry rig is so high that it was backordered from the moment it was released. Because CrossBreed hand-crafts The Chest Rig to your specifications, the wait time is currently at about six weeks…but those of us lucky enough to grab a review sample are here to tell you that it’s worth it. Why?

Chest Rigs are awesome

First, if you’ve never open carried with a chest rig, you’re missing out on the most convenient and comfortable carry method out there short of a pack mule. Unlike carrying on your strong-side hip or the small of your back, chest carry offers a swift and safe draw when you need it…and “set it and forget it” comfort when you don’t. The weight of the gun disappears when it’s suspended across your shoulders and ribs, and there’s nothing to dig into your body while you’re seated. Whether you’re out clearing fences on horseback, or blazing the trails in your favorite ATV, the Chest Rig by CrossBreed Holsters will make sure you’re ready for whatever the outdoors throws at you.

This isn’t just any chest rig, it’s The Chest Rig

Sure, there are other chest-carry systems out there, but they don’t qualify for the capital letters (or your capital, in our opinion). The Chest Rig by CrossBreed Holsters features multiple points of retention adjustment, including a retention device installed under the trigger guard (not available on revolver selections), and the ability to tighten the screws that mount the pocket to the leather. This Reckoning-style setup gives you the ability to customize your retention to your exact specifications.

Why be uncomfortable?

The leather backer of The Chest Rig by CrossBreed Holsters boasts a thick yet comfortable platform to support the weight of any firearm. Featuring an incredibly soft yet breathable perforated suede backer and two different color options, the leather backer of the Chest Rig will never let you down.

Flexibility is key with any holster, but even more important when you’re in the backwoods. The Chest Rig by CrossBreed features three different straps to provide you with the proper support, with the ability to adjust the holster for total comfort. Featuring a “one size fits most” design (additional straps available for purchase), you can be rest assured that the Chest Rig by CrossBreed Holsters will fit perfectly.

The MSRP for The Chest Rig is $149.95; you can read more reviews or put in your order here. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about our Survive the Braindead $2K Gun & Gear Giveaway!

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