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A Pump Shotgun For Home Defense



The use of firearms in a domestic setting has become a raging debate across the world. While some countries have strict regulations against it, other countries are more lenient.

For instance, following a massacre in 1996, which resulted in 35 fatalities, the Australian government revolutionized gun control to avoid further casualties. Alternatively, permissive laws have led to a nationwide crisis in the United States, resulting in multiple homicides in domestic and public settings.

Regardless of where opinions may lie on the spectrum of gun control, it can be argued that it is imperative to acquire guns for defensive purposes.

A large number of homeowners obtain guns to protect their families from situations such as home invasions and robberies. Although a vast array of guns are available on the market, shotguns are generally regarded as the preference.

Basically, the name “pump shotgun” is quite self-explanatory. It can be operated by forward and backward motions in quick succession, which dislodges ammunition from the barrel. You would have to slide the pump to shoot repeatedly. In the right pair of hands, a pump shotgun can be a potent weapon.

The contentious nature of gun control warrants the basic question: is the usage of firearms at home a good idea to begin with? Before delving into it any further, it is imperative to justify whether guns actually help defend homes.

Research suggests that guns are instrumental in saving lives in domestic settings as opposed to taking them. Guns are used 2.5 millions time annually for household defense. That is tantamount to almost 7,000 incidents per day.

Furthermore, women are also able users of guns. Nearly two hundred thousand females use guns to prevent domestic disturbances. In many cases, the use of guns in homes has led to a reduction in crime rates.

There is substantial and conclusive evidence to suggest that guns are useful for home defense. Once we have established that, we can move onto the types of guns used at home.

Types Of Pump Shotguns Best For Home Defense

Pump shotguns are beneficial for home defense for a variety of reasons. They’re easy to procure and have a simple design which is easy to operate. They are available at modest sums and are also easy to maintain. If a user acquires the basic know-how of how to handle guns, shotguns can be deemed an excellent option for home defense.

Widely accessible at rates ranging from $500 upwards, there is an embarrassment of riches to choose from. For instance, the Winchester SXP Defender is a viable option for home defense. Based on a classic design and weighing just 6.5 lbs, it is available at a price range of $300 to $400, thus making it a popular choice for users.

Another option is the Remington 870 Express Tactical. Weighing at 7.5 lbs and costing approximately $650, it is ideal for experienced users and has more customizable options as well.

A more expensive but effective alternate is the Benelli M3 Convertible. With a barrel length approaching 20 inches and a weight of almost 8 lbs, it can be bought at the exorbitant amount of $1500 plus. The price suggests that it is a unique product, which is quite true. It is engineered to serve as both a pump-action and a semi-automatic gun. It is a reliable option for users who may be seeking versatility when purchasing firearms for home defense.

Moreover, the Mossberg 590A1 Mariner is a marine variant of the pump shotgun, and is ideal for new users. Despite its military design, it’s a useful tool for home defense.

The Escort Aim Guard, designed and manufactured by Hatsan, is quite possibly the cheapest choice for users. With a weight of approximately 6 lbs, it has a measly $200 price tag. As such, it’s ideal for new users, small shooters and those on a tight budget.

Finally, the Cimarron 1897 is yet another option for home defense. Based on a classic design which was employed during the First World War in 1914-1918, it is adequate for self defense since its meant for short distances in closed spaces. Also, it is known for its simplicity making it optimal for those with no experience of gun use.

Ultimately, irrespective of choice, the bottom line is that guns are essential for the unique purpose of home defense. Shotguns provide the most secure weapon in emergency situations.


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