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G&GD Shotgun Review – Remington 870



If you are searching for an iconic scattergun then Remington 870 must be your first choice. The Remington 870 is known for its familiar sight in the field and on the range. The versatility of this shotgun makes it highly difficult to find any possible flaw.

The shotgun comes in 3 different models which make this shotgun a perfect choice for the shooter. The shotgun has everything that a shooter would ask for. The three versions of the shotgun include:

  1. 879 Wingmaster
  2. 870 Express
  3. 870 Police

All three versions are further categorized from basic to most upgraded versions, according to their capability to take abuse and reliability. Nevertheless, the one low point of this gun is that it still has no semi-version.

Remington 870 – Specifications

Following are the features of the powerful shotgun in terms of its appearance and performance. Let’s have a closer look.

Weight – from 7lb to 8lb

Length – from 37 inches to 50 inches

Barrel – 14 inches to 30 inches

Cartridge – 410 bore, 28 gauges, 20 gauges, 16 gauges, 12 gauges

Action – Pump-action

Magazine – 4+1 – 10+1 internal round tube magazine

Gun Sight – twin bead, bead, open sights (adjustable), or ghost ring. Also, receiver-mounts and cantilever for scopes.

The gun sights are both adjustable and fixed. The weight of the gun is because of synthetic and wood stocks.

The accuracy of the gun is exceptional, considering all the shotgun reviews so far. In terms of ergonomics, the forend of the gun can further be improved with more grippy and softer panels. Otherwise, the shotgun is downright an excellent scattergun. The shotgun has the capability to shoot both 3 inches and almost 2.5 inches shells.

Performance And Ease Of Use

You must have heard that nothing can beat the control and feel of a Remington 870 shotgun. This is absolutely true. In addition to that, if you don’t find the fixed sight, you can always transform it. The shotgun enables the shooter to easily acquire the adjustable sight through the simple switch. The reliability of the gun is promising and if you own a single shotgun, you can easily use it for hundreds of shots.

The Remington 870 is definitely a workhorse with excellent accuracy. However, to get the most amazing experience of this powerful shotgun, a shooter must hold some good shooting skills. That is, the follow up on your shots is also dependent on how instantly your pump action takes place.

So, to get the best of Remington 870, you also need to master your specific rhythm as you fire!

Remington 870 Incarnation

The latest personification of Remington 870 is similar to newer 700 rifles. The stock comes as slick standard black plastic. However, to give the shooter a more secure grip, the fitted panels of the gun, in the grip area, are made of grippy, squishy, rubber material.

At the top of shotgun’s stock is a crafted, good-sized comb which provides the shooter a lot more solid cheek rest. This helps the shooter as he/she aims the gun. Out front, the shotgun has skimped a bit. The scattergun forend is a minimalist design, which uses a textured rough plastic as one of its sole ingredients. It perfectly fits with the overall shotgun style.


At a price lesser than a thousand dollar, this shotgun is an ultimate deal for a shooter. This must tell you why this shotgun is preferred by police and military worldwide. The shotgun, considering the pricing, is unquestionably an excellent home defense and tactical equipment. The shotgun is durable, reliable and serves the purpose immensely.

The shotgun is easily available in many countries and it is not exclusively used in the military. With a little bit of search, you may easily find surplus police models in the market.

Pump Action And Overall Review Of Remington 870

The shotgun is famous for its adaptability, especially in terms of bird hunting, its upland game, viable home defense equipment and deer hunting. These great and thrilling features of this shotgun make it a firearm that is preferred and adopted worldwide. The most commended barrel heat shields, extended mag capacity, and bayonet mounting are a few capabilities of Remington 870 which stand it apart in both military and tactical department.

The hunters trust Remington 870 because this shotgun has significantly proven itself a lot more resourceful and a lot less finicky in comparison to other inconsistent automatics. The shotgun is easy to customize and fine-tune.

Indeed, among all the pump shotguns, Remington 870 is a classic icon and a standard by which almost every other pump shotgun is judged.


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