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The Anatomy Of the Best Tactical Shotgun



There are a number of qualities that are important for a shotgun. However, the question arises: what is the best tactical shotgun like? While the answer to such a question might appear to be pretty straightforward, a more informed mind would know that it requires more thought than what one might initially presume. Here are the possible factors that might define a top tier tactical shotgun:


One of the most important aspects for distinguishing the best tactical shotgun for your needs is the power of the shotgun. Why is this important? Well, the power of the shotgun determines how much oomph will be behind each shot. But wouldn’t everyone wish for a shotgun that is on the top of its game, when it comes to power? Well, not exactly, because there’s a downside to added power: more powerful recoil. The measure of a shotgun’s power is denoted by its gauge. Shotguns, typically, come in two types of gauges: 12-gauge and the 20-gauge.

The shot from a 12-gauge shotgun is not as powerful as a shot fired from a 20-gauge shotgun. However, such a shotgun is, still, perfect for such individuals who are not as strong or are not used to handling the recoil from shotguns. The 20-gauge shotgun, on the other hand, offers a much powerful shot that can obliterate the target, but at the expense of a much intense recoil.


When choosing the best tactical shotgun for your needs, you must pay emphasis on the kind of stock that the shotgun has got to offer. Why is this important? Well, it’s because shotguns come in two kinds of stocks: the regular stock and the pistol grip stock. Regardless of how cool the heroes in the action movies might look in the movies, it’s recommended for most individuals to get a shotgun with a regular stock. Why? Well, it’s because the regular (ugly looking) stock helps you aim the shotgun better. And when the safety of your family is on the line, you’d care more about aiming rather than looking cool, right?

The pistol grip shotguns are difficult to grip. Due to this reason, they are not only difficult to aim with but cause some damage to your wrist as well. Due to these reasons, the best tactical shotguns come with the regular stock rather than the cool looking pistol like stock!


The operating mechanism of the shotgun matters when it comes to finding the best tactical shotgun for your needs. The top tier tactical shotguns are the ones that make use of a pump-action mechanism. With a pump-action shotgun, all you need to do is pick up the shotgun—in case of an emergency—rack the forearm, take it to your shoulder and then fire at will. Such a mechanism is so easy and simple that even a novice can handle it with minimal hassle.

They say that all you need to do is rack your shotgun and any intruder, who might have barged into your home, will run away. While this might be true for some situations, you’d be best served by not relying on this piece of “wisdom”. You need a shotgun that will work when you need it, and a pump-action shotgun is as good as it gets for this purpose.

Barrel Length

The barrel of the shotgun plays an important role in your choice of weapon as well. The shorter length barrels are ideal for the environment of home, where the shooting needs to be done in an environment of close quarters and tight corners. You’ll be able to better maneuver through your house with a shorter barrel shotgun rather than its alternative. Also, the shot pattern of a shorter barrel is wide, which is ideal for a home.

Shotguns with longer barrels, on the other hand, have got their own advantages. For instance, they allow you to store an extra shell or two in the stock. So, what should be the barrel length of the best tactical shotgun? Well, there’s no straight answer to such a question, for it will depend upon your need for getting the shotgun in the first place. If you got a shotgun for the purpose of home defense then you’d be better off getting a shotgun with a shorter barrel. If you intend to shoot at a place where there will be a lot of room, however, you can consider getting a longer barrel shotgun.

As you must have realized by now, there’s no straight answer to what constitutes the best tactical shotgun. Ultimately, everything boils down to your reasons and preferences. It’s important, therefore, that you get the shotgun that is perfect for YOUR needs!


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