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5 Most Hilarious GGD Reader Comments (So Far)



I just hope none of you wants to be a gun writer, or I might be out of a job…

One of the best things about writing for Guns & Gadgets Daily is reading the awesome, on-point comments you readers leave for us. As a retired Special Farces operative and former dingleberry farmer, I’d like to take a moment to recognize and appreciate the comments that remind me that I’d better bring my A-game every day (or just cross my fingers in hopes that none of you is interested in my job). Although a lot of what we do here at GGD is definitely tongue-in-cheek, I assure you that I’m not kidding about how hard each and every one of these comments listed below made us laugh.

1. On an article about why “mouse guns” can be useful for self-defense:

The article’s premise: No, smaller-caliber pistols aren’t necessarily ideal for self-defense, but for some people they’re the best solution.

The comment:

I’ll take your word for it, sir.

My reaction to the dry, deadpan humor of “your plans will change instantly”:


Game recognize game.

2. On an article about biometric gun safes:

The article’s premise: Biometric gun safes make sense for some gun owners, but they have some drawbacks.

The comment:

Idea: Biometrically controlled catapults for biometric safes.

Our reaction to Chiis’ exasperated sarcasm:


Hold my beer; I’m gonna give it a try.

3. On an article about wild animals and the rude awakening Millennials have in store:

The article’s premise: That the young city folks who are buying homes in “the country” in droves might soon have a change of opinion about the cute critters they’ll discover around their bucolic new homes.

The comment:

This one’s a tie.

Mary and Gary get our point:

4. On an article about “awesome gun control ideas”:

The premise: We did a satirical take on the dumbest ideas gun controllers have floated recently, courtesy of “guest columnist” Ima Nidiot.

The comment:

Ima Nidiot resembles this remark.

Our reaction:

5. On an article about how to take a crap in the woods.

The premise: Sh1t happens.

The comment:

Richard, you are a blue falcon, and I salute you for it.

Our reaction to this nefarious plan to use your own home-brewed biowarfare to make sure you get the buck and your buddy doesn’t:

My cover is off to all of you readers–here’s wishing you a wonderful and safe Veteran’s Day (no joking)!


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