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Five Ways To Improve Your Defensive Shooting



Recently a survey was conducted by the 2013 Gallop Poll and it was ascertained that approximately 60% of the people who invest in firearms do so for personal safety reasons. People are investing in weapons to protect their lives, their families and their property, but most people do not even know how to effectively use their weapons in difficult circumstances. What people have to realize is that simply indulging in target practice is not enough to encompass the dangers that our society holds. Furthermore, there are so many intricate details that come into play when it comes to defensive shooting that most people miss out on the core practices. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of five defensive shooting tips that are designed for beginners, these tips are as follows.

Seek Defensive Shooting Training

One of the most viable methods of learning how to effectively shoot in different circumstances is investing in training. There are training centers in almost every state now and you can easily find one that encompasses your budget. These training centers are designed to teach their pupils gun laws, gun ethics, safety procedures, defense techniques, shooting stances, target practice and much more. Moreover, these training centers are renowned for turning amateurs into professionals within a matter of hours!

People often avoid these classes as they believe that these entry level firearm safety classes are a complete waste of their time, especially after they have shot a few empty cans in their back yard. However this is completely absurd as even the entry level classes provide their pupils with a sheath of information regarding their weapons and how to effectively use them.

Seek Self Defense Training

Just because you have a pistol concealed, does not mean that you should draw your weapon at the first sight of danger. In most cases you might not even get the time to draw your weapon; this is exactly why it is imperative that every individual indulges in self defense training. These classes are designed to help people learn different techniques to ward of attackers, disarm them or they even help how your brain perceives different situations.

Furthermore, self defense training will make sure that your defense mechanism is complete from every aspect. For example if your attacker manages to steal your weapon from your holster or successfully disarms you that does not mean all hope is lost. These classes will make sure that with or without a weapon you are a force to be reckoned with!

Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to defense shooting the most profound way you can prepare yourself for different situations is by religiously practicing your shooting skills. Yes this means that you should hit the shooting range at least twice a week and mix your training regime in different ways. Simply practicing long distance shooting is not sufficient, you will need to practice at different angles and have to constantly evaluate your progress.

Besides regular shooting practice, you should also try your hand at things like how to draw your weapon, how you turn the safety off and finally how to reload the weapon. We would also recommend practicing shooting with your elbows tucked in for close combat encounters! All of these are core components of the perfect defense mechanism as each skill in your arsenal should be perfect from every aspect.

Purchase a Lot Of Ammunition

When ammunition is scarce, you will automatically limit your shooting range visits. If you really want to make sure that you are prepared from every aspect then start considering magazines to be disposable and purchase as many as you possibly can. What you have to understand is that your magazines are one of the most important tools in your arsenal and without them; your weapon is simply useless.

Furthermore if you keep reusing the same magazines for your weapon, this will contribute to the expedited deterioration of your weapon. You can easily find magazines at affordable prices, consider stock piling them!

Consider Using a Shot Timer

Ever wondered how officers manage to shoot so many rounds accurately in a short time frame? Well they use shot timers during training. These shot timers mark the exact time when you shoot and it helps you increase your skill set by a substantial margin.

If you can’t find a shot timer, simply download an application that is available on both iOS and android platforms.


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