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5 Hot Euro-Cool X JAGD Gifts Under $99



Pictured: Brandenburg Alps, Austria. Not pictured: Best stocking stuffers ever. (That’s below.)

The hills are alive with the sound of holiday specials!

Austria: Home of snow-covered Alpine mountains, red stags, and the most beautifully engineered cold-weather clothing in the world. Thanks to Austria’s rich hunting heritage and chilly weather, Austrians have long since had the pleasure of luxuriating in stylish and functional hunting and lifestyle togs from X JAGD and Jagdhund. These clothes combine the cutting-edge technology that keeps hunters warm, dry, and safe with the quiet good taste European hunters demand. Now that X JAGD and Jagdhund have (finally!) made their way to American shores, now is a great time to give your loved ones the quality and performance this high-end line provides. And at these prices, you might just want to grab one for yourself, as well. Here are five very cool gifts to keep your friends and family (and maybe you, too) warm all winter long.

Jagdhund “Jorg” Men’s Base Layer Shirt
Made from 100 percent merino wool, which retains heat even when wet and without the “itchy wool” effect, this base layer shirt is both functional and comfortable. Made with flat seams that prevent friction and pressure, double jersey cuffs on the collar and sleeve hems, this base layer also offers minimal pilling by virtue of its high-quality single jersey material. Double jersey cuffs on collar, leg and sleeve hem for stability and comfort. Breathable and machine washable with TEC (Total Easy Care) Standard. Made from 100% merino wool. $79. Click here to purchase.

Jagdhund “Graz” Classic Felt Hat
Ever wished you could have a real Jagermeister’s hat? You can, with the “Graz” classic felt hat. Hats such as these are a part of the touching “last bite” hunting tradition in Austria and Germany. At the beginning of the hunt, you tuck a sprig of greenery into the hat band. When you harvest your deer, you remove the sprig and “feed” it to the animal as a sign of respect. These hats are also incredibly warm and crush-proof. $95. Click here to purchase.

X JAGD “Ferry” Cap
If the “last bite” tradition isn’t really your thing (well, we are Americans, after all!), the Austrians still have you covered with the X JAGD “Ferry” cap. With its sporty fleece and absorbent, breathable terry lining, your noggin will stay warm even in the Schnee. $35. Click here to purchase.

X JAGD “Short Function” Socks
Who pays $19 for a pair of socks? People who know just how badly cheap socks can wreck a nice day in the Wold. These are performance socks, offering ADVANSA Thermo°Cool and merino wool composition for optimal climate regulation, and outstanding abrasion resistance thanks to CORDURA fibers. Includes elastic arch support, reinforced toe, reinforced heel, ventilation mesh panel, elastic ankle support, and ankle flex. $19. Click here to purchase.

Jagdhund “Tobias” Men’s Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt 
Here’s the most versatile shirt you’ll ever own: a long-sleeved lightweight flannel that’s as at home around the Jagdschloss (that’s a hunting lodge, dontcha know) as it is in the boardroom. This 100% cotton long-sleeve shirt is constructed from light, year-round quality flannel. With a kent collar and chest pocket with subtle embroidery, it’s stylish and functional. $79. Click here to purchase.

Your friends and family will be so excited to see these under your Tannenbaum this year!



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