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G&GD Review – The HS .338 Lapua Custom Hunting Rifle



A particularly favorite hunting rifle is the HS .338 Lapua. This beast of a hunting rifle is perfect for the big hunting game lovers. If you are the hunter who can’t live without a high caliber hunting rifle, this baby is the one made for you.

With the standardized versions of hunting rifles, you always tend to feel like there’s something that’s missing or something that is just not the right match for you. There are so many good things which come with the advent of customizable hunting rifles. The fact that you can choose most of the parts that your customized hunting rifle is made of gives this rifle a more personal touch than you can get with standard rifles. It will never let you feel there is something missing when you feel the pushback after squeezing that trigger. There are obviously some parts of the rifle which are stock parts but others have to be custom made and that is why this magnum cartridge calibrated rifle has an edge over other weapons in it utility for big game hunters.

The Stock

The stock on the HS .338 Lapua is made of synthetic materials. The making of the rifle’s stock is similar to that of the Remington 700. Because of the synthetic materials that go into the making of the stock in the HS .338 Lapua, you get a very powerful weapon with a significantly light weight and the stock is still very reliable. The stock is made by using reinforced polymer and the bedding stock is anodized aluminum.

This is what makes the stock so much lighter than the traditional hunting rifle stocks but this also allows the addition of fully adjustable length of pull and is designed with a better attention to ergonomics to make the hunting experience a more comfortable one. Since the beam is tapered, it also adds a good amount of stability to the forend and that is why the HS .338 Lapua’s barrel can enjoy being able to free-float.

Muzzle And Bipod

The beautiful rifle is not just something that is elegant. It packs a really powerful punch with every pull of the trigger. Any serious hunter would know the benefits that come with using a hunting rifle, which has muzzle breaks and a bipod for added stability. The Lapua can be modified and you can have a custom-made barrel which has muzzle breaks built into it so that it can help you achieve the maximum amount of accuracy and not tear off the shoulder your rifle is put against while you’re at it.

Steiner Scope

What good is an amazing hunting rifle if you cannot aim accurately across the whole range it can provide you with those huge magnum cartridges? The T5Xi series Steiner scope is something which can bring along accuracy that cannot be matched. The clarity and self-assurance this powerful scope brings to the hunter who has it installed on the rifle speaks for itself.

It is a long-range scope which is best suited for a rifle like the Lapua which allows for a magnification of 5x25x. The diameter of the scope is 34 mm and has a length of 16.6”. The scope is not too heavy and is actually something so trustworthy that the military makes use of this where the accuracy of every single shot can never be compromised upon.

The HS .338 Lapua customizable hunting rifle is something which has been and will continue to be used by avid big game hunters at a long distance. The average range this beautiful monster of a hunting rifle is at 300 yards. That is more than enough distance for the expert hunter to move in close to the deer they have been tracking this hunting season. You need this baby if you are aiming at getting a good shot on target in the kind of game where you can risk losing your trophy animal with even a single misplaced shot.

There is no better weapon for a hunter at long distances as it provides the right amount of punch to every shot to make for a successful hunting expedition and even though it is conveniently light weight, it gives your shoulders the right kind of kick with the recoil.


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