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4 Dumbest Gun Videos of the Week



Where might I obtain one of these 200-round pistols?

Cat videos made the Internet…but gun videos made it great.

There are some truly wonderful gun videos out there, from simple how-to pieces from Brownell’s, to advice, to dazzling displays of exhibition shooting. These, however, are not those videos. No, these are the videos that find their inevitable way into my inbox courtesy of all my idiot friends (most of them titled, “Is this you, Trace?”). Some of them are hilarious, some are cringe-inducing, and some bring home the truth to the aphorism that God looks after idiots and drunks. Today, I’m going to share the four dumbest ones I’ve gotten this week…and keep in mind, the week is only one day old.

1. Selfie Time!

If there’s one thing that the 21st century has taught me, it’s that there’s absolutely no point in doing anything unless I document it using my smartphone, and then post it to social media. So when these two members of Mensa’s finest decided to try for the perfect range-carrel selfie, should we really judge them for forgetting…all…of the gun safety rules? Yes, yes we should.

Hey, look, Snapchat put puppy ears on my Glock, too!

2. Damn, it Feels Good to Be a Gangster

As we’ve established above, there’s really nothing more important than carefully curating your social media to portray your life as super-cool. And what is a gun, if not a prop to help you do that? And why would you ever bother checking a mere prop to see if it’s loaded or not? That hardly gives off that sang-froid, devil-may-care attitude that’s the hallmark of cool people. It’s also a great way to really put your smartphone insurance to the test…because I don’t think leaving that one in rice is going to help much, do you?

I bet her parents have wanted to do that same thing to her smartphone for quite a while now.

3. There’s Been a Shooting in the Hood

Although watching dumb teenagers do dumb things is lots of fun, do take time to savor the flavor of this video. In this one, someone who’s clearly old enough to know better decides to show off his tacti-cool tacti-tips for urban defense. There’s just one little problem with his technique here…

Those are speed holes. They make the car go faster.

4. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

This has been quite a bumpy ride, no? Well, before you click on this one, let me assure you that the small child you can see in the preview is fine and has learned a valuable lesson that he probably won’t ever have to repeat. In fact, let’s just go ahead and assume that in 20 years we won’t be seeing him star in any other videos like this one…

That first second or two when you think you might have gotten away with it this time are the worst.

What are your favorite dumb Internet gun videos? Tell us in the comments!


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