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WATCH: Steyr’s Crowning Moment of Awesome



“People have asked me…if I’m proud of what I’m doing.”

Talking about the ways in which Steyr Arms and their iconic AUG bullpup rifle has changed the way the world’s militaries arm themselves is definitely interesting…but it can be a bit dry. It leaves out the on-the-ground reality of just what it means to rely on the world-class precision and reliability of some of the finest firearms ever engineered. It leaves out the stories of the individuals who’ve trusted their mission success to their Steyr rifles, whether that mission success involved home defense or harvesting a whitetail deer. It omits the “crowning moment of awesome.”

The “crowning moment of awesome” is a movie-fan term; it describes the moment when the hero or heroine reluctantly drops their plowshare and picks up a sword. Fact is, Steyr owners have crowning moments of awesome every day…but this one has been captured on video. Based on a thrilling true story–click here to watch!