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WATCH: Magnum Research BFR in .450 Bushmaster



The tagline for Magnum Research Group’s BFR–which stands for Biggest, Finest Revolver, don’tcha know–is “Size Matters.” Today, we’re attempting to see that proven with this excellent video from gun vlogger Who Tee Who, who puts Magnum Research’s .450 Bushmaster BFR with reflex scope through its paces. What’s it like to shoot a revolver as long as my forearm in a chambering I’d set up against a rogue moose? Click the photo below to watch and see!

Remember that scene in “Crocodile Dundee”? THAT is a revolver.

Want to create a custom Big Frame Revolver for yourself? Magnum Research has a custom build page  that lets you tinker and toy with your dream BFR.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Kahr Firearms Group–the “umbrella” company that includes Magnum Research Group and Auto-Ordnance–is currently giving away an awesome Auto-Ordnance “Victory Girls” 1911 with our Twentieth Century Foxes giveaway. Just click on that link to enter the giveaway…it’s free of charge, and you can’t win if you don’t enter!